Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / June 26, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly hop for writers to share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of their writing on Sundays.

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In honor of its upcoming print release, here are ten sentences from ’Til Death Do Us Part. For context, Military Police have just paid a visit to Sam. Introductions have been made, and they are explaining the purpose of their visit to Sam:

Major Johnson continued. “Some people were spotted on a remote and insignificant island. They were determined through initial surveillance to be stranded there. When the drone descended to make itself known, the individuals communicated with it by writing in the sand. They identified themselves as survivors of the TransOceanic Flight 3012 plane crash and wrote out their names.”

Sam sat rigidly and held his breath as Major Johnson paused. Survivors? Could it really be possible? These men wouldn’t be here making a personal visit to inform him, would they, unless…?

“Dr. Miller-Greene, we’d appreciate it if you would give a positive identification of the man who indicated he was your husband, Henry.”


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  1. I just hope that whatever news is coming, good or bad, is not going to set Sam up for heartbreak.

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