I’m on Kindle Unlimited ❤️💛💚💙💜

Fair warning, I had way too much fun with PhotoScape X preparing for this promotion:


I’m thrilled to announce that my Vows Series books are all now available on KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Link to my Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2fzO7l5

Link to ’Til Death Do Us Part: Amazon Kindle
Link to From This Day Forward: Amazon Kindle
Link to To Love and To Cherish: Amazon Kindle

Website Info Pages:
’Til Death Do Us Part
From This Day Forward
To Love and To Cherish

With their new ebook aggregator, everything at JMS Books is now available (or will be shortly) on Kindle Unlimited, as well as at their own site, and all the usual distributors. Future releases will be as well.




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