Treadmill Week 55 & What I #amreading – Wizard’s Moon by Josh Lanyon – Clickbait by E.J. Russell

Treadmill Goals:

  • Get on the treadmill (or equivalent exercise) daily
  • Pace is fine at 30 min/mile, although I may up it on occasion
  • Time range between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day
  • Distance 1-2 miles per day
  • Read the chosen book, which I won’t allow myself to read outside of my treadmill time, hopefully motivating me to reach or exceed the above goals (the only exception to this is Saturday nights, if I want to finish off a book so I can start a fresh one for the new week)

Note: Although I will try to avoid them, my daily #amreading updates may or may not contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

What I #amreading: Wizard’s Moon by Josh Lanyon and Clickbait by E.J. Russell

I’d intended to start reading Ruby Moone’s Regency Rogues Box Set that I’d preordered on Black Friday, but didn’t pay enough attention to the release date. Looks like I’ve got to put that off until the 23rd! No worries, I was happy to fill the week with a shorter story and a jump start on a longer one.

My favorite lines this week:

  • 51KRAEUw86LSUNDAY – In the years at Quix’s establishment he had discovered that most men desired to be listened to as much as they desired a good fuck. Jaxom Re was an educated man, a man of refinement. It might be that he was one of those who prized companionship as highly as sex. No one had ever desired such a thing from Faro before, but he began to hope it was true now.
  • MONDAY – If he meant that Faro’s interest lay in the small sphere of his own life and concerns, he was correct. First and foremost Faro took care of himself. He controlled what he could and did not allow himself to fret over what he could not control. Life was less painful that way.

  • 514g7xNG8+LTUESDAY – Because God. He was face to…crotch with a fricking giant. The man in the middle of the room had massive shoulders, biceps straining the sleeves of his Henley, a chest twice the width of Gideon’s. He’d be huge if he were standing on the floor, but the floor wasn’t good enough for this guy. Oh no. He had fricking two-foot metal stilts strapped to his feet. He looked like half an Imperial Walker.
  • WEDNESDAY – So many things wrong with that statement, but Alex refused to go there—or at least not all the way there. “Tell me this. You think the only reason I need to be attracted to someone is that he’s obviously gay?”
  • THURSDAY – Alex rose from the sofa, all controlled power and mythic proportions. Holy Mary, mother of pearl. Release the Kraken. Gideon snatched his T-shirt off the floor and wrapped it around his hips like a bargain-basement pareo, trying to regain a shred or two of dignity, although his instinct was to run shrieking down the hall.
  • FRIDAY – Grabbing the door handles, he took a deep breath. He’d never gone the drag route, but damn it, when necessary he could make an entrance with the panache of RuPaul at the Palace.
  • SATURDAY – Gideon pasted a smile on his face and opened the door. God, Alex dwarfed the landing, looming like Haystack Rock at low tide. The frantic surf of Gideon’s panic could crash against that stoic calm for millennia and not erode it by a single molecule.

Week 55: December 10, 2017 – December 16, 2017

Sunday  30 min/mile  31:21 min:sec  1 mile
Monday  30 min/mile  31:08 min:sec  1 mile
Tuesday  30 min/mile  31:02 min:sec  1 mile
Wednesday  30 min/mile  31:08 min:sec  1 mile
Thursday  30 min/mile  30:32 min:sec  1 mile
Friday  30 min/mile  31:51 min:sec  1 mile
Saturday  30 min/mile  32:21 min:sec  1 mile


12 thoughts on “Treadmill Week 55 & What I #amreading – Wizard’s Moon by Josh Lanyon – Clickbait by E.J. Russell

  1. “Uhng, nooooooo” <- that was my credit card pleading for its life after I used it to buy the Josh Lanyon book…the gazillionth book I’ve bought this month. Really, I need to check how many books I’ve bought, so if you never hear from me again, I fainted and cracked my head open on the floor tiles! 🙂

      1. LOL…if it’s any consolation, your Christmasvaganza review of The Mistletoe Kiss by Ruby Moone today prompted me to get off my butt and purchase it today, despite knowing full well that there’ll probably be a sale in about a week!

        I didn’t realize you’d be interested in a fantasy story, but yay!

        1. Yay!! I love that book so much I’m considering buying another copy because I want to support her. Yes I’m crazy! 🙂

          I usually don’t read fantasy or paranormal, but sometimes when the stars align the mood strikes. Then I read several non-contemporary, but when I grow tired of them I won’t read the genre again for months and months. And right now I seem to be in the mood for historical and paranormal.

          I blame A Timely Gift by Kris T Bethke. That little tiny bit of magic in that one woke the beast so to speak 🙂

          1. I’ve done the same kind of thing with favorite books before. Things I had in PDF but now want in EPUB so I can read it in my favored ereader, I’ll buy them again rather than go another route. I’ll also sometimes buy a rerelease for the pretty new cover, but mostly only if there are also some changes in the story to justify it (they don’t even have to be significant).

            1. Yes, the dreaded pretty-new-cover-releases!! I’ve done that, too 🙂

              But you know what? Books are my life so I’m allowing myself to spend as much as I can afford. And I made a resolution for the new year (that I’ve kind of started already): spend my money on the smaller presses like JMS for example (avoid Amazon as much as possible unless I need to shop there to support Amy for example). I’m also going to read and support “smaller” authors, you know like myself, and if I like their stuff I’m going to review and promote. I’m not saying I’m gonna stop buying Amy Lane for example, but the big ones have their adoring fans already. I can be an adoring fan for the smaller authors 🙂

              I also spent yesterday cut and pasting my reviews of JMS books onto their site. They aren’t all that many yet, but I’ll work on it. I thought it looked sad when there were no reviews on the new site, so I decided to change it 🙂

              And my resolution also allows for buying several copies of a book I really loved. I mean…I’ve bought THREE Cultivating Love (old one, new one, paperback), so… 😀

              1. I like that resolution because there are a LOT of great but under-appreciated books out there that are worthy, but for whatever reason the author isn’t one of the popular kids, and they aren’t getting read.

                That’s a nice plan for the reviews, too. I should write some. I don’t want to use my author name for reviews, though.

                Damn, Nell! Three copies? LOL. Seems like every day I have to say you’ve made my day. 😃

                1. For JMS I signed in with my account and wrote the reviews, and since my account is in my legal name (I don’t have any Nell Iris credit cards 😉 ) the review shows up in my legal name. Since I posted most of them on my Nell blog, I guess if someone’s a super sleuth and have a really good memory for reviews, it’s possible to make the connection between my legal and my pen name. But since you haven’t got reviews on your blog, that scenario shouldn’t be a problem for you.

                  And my accounts at Amazon and DSP and Smashwords are also in my legal name, but I’m concentrating on JMS.

                  And yes, three copies! Does that make me your fan girl number one?? Oh but shoot! I didn’t nominate you to the Goodreads awards, so I guess not 😀

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