WEBRING ~ Read Around the Rainbow ~ What/Where is your ideal writing shack?

What/Where is your ideal writing shack?

My ideal writing shack? I think it would be the same as my ideal reading shack. 😁

Let’s see, if money is no object, and if I have no responsibilities to draw me away from personal pursuits, and if I have godlike control over my local weather (hah!), then these images pretty much sum it up:

I would love to be outdoors on a warm (but not hot or overly humid) sunny day, in the shade, with a mild breeze. Let’s replace that cup of tea/coffee with a tall glass of ice water with a twist of lemon. I would also need access to some indoor space for meals, etc., so one of those tiny houses that are gaining popularity (and that I’m obsessed with looking at) would be the perfect space to complete my writing zone. Besides, I’ll probably occasionally want to park my butt on some cozy upholstered furniture indoors, perhaps in front of a fake fireplace for a little ambiance.

As long as we’re talking ideals with no limitations, let’s make that tiny house portable so I can change my scenery between lush mountains and breezy beaches at a whim. Hey, that would also be handy for conducting research beyond what I can Google!

I’ve hit a writing dry spell lately, but with the likelihood of having my house back to myself looming in the near future (within a couple months or so?), I expect to get back into it. Even here, where my writing zone doesn’t necessarily fit my ideal, I like to switch things up. Sometimes I’m outside (weather permitting), sometimes I’m in the living room with my feet up and the laptop actually on my lap, and sometimes I’m standing or sitting at the tall dining table, etc.

I also like to jump up and walk laps or whatever to stretch my limbs and clear my head, so I’m going to imagine a lovely scenic walking path near my pictured ideal writing spot.

Alternatively, I could totally get into a room like this miraculously attached to my house (and I wouldn’t need to shirk all other responsibilities or have godlike weather control):

Envision a pair of ottomans for propping my feet, replace that baby table with a more functional one between the chairs, and picture a real fireplace on the wall opposite those books. Ah, yes, I could get into that. I’d much rather write with the laptop on my lap than sitting at a desk/table.

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15 thoughts on “WEBRING ~ Read Around the Rainbow ~ What/Where is your ideal writing shack?

    1. Definitely off grid (though with my own little satellite dish and solar panels, etc. for all the conveniences of that pesky grid). ❤️

  1. I am a Tiny House person as well. A long time ago when I was still quite mad with post-baby hormones I nearly persuaded the Mr to live in a static caravan with two children under eighteen months old and build one!

    1. 😂 Somehow the tiny house sounds less appealing when two children under eighteen months old are in the mix! ❤️

    1. As long as we’re talking limitless ideals, I had a hard time settling on a single location. ❤️

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