Gay Rom Lit – 2017

GRL - GayRomLit

I’ve signed up as a “featured author” at the 2017 GRL Retreat in Denver Colorado. I’ll be updating this page with the progress of my preparations and things I plan to do at the event, and eventually with a summary of how it all went. For now, this page is a work in progress!

I have never attended any writers’ conference in any capacity, so this’ll be quite the adventure, seeing as I’m:

  1. a total newbie
  2. an introvert
  3. quite shy

So, yikes. If you see this page disappear at some point (probably before the June 1st deadline for getting 100% refund), you’ll know I’ve chickened out, or otherwise determined it’s not the best plan for me at this time! 🐔

I’m not going to put a lot of time/effort/money into prep for this until after I’ve committed beyond that date. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the category archives for any blog posts I might make on the subject.

WiP - Work in Progress