Getting a little of Myles’ (Emmitt’s) POV – March 15, 2017

To Love and To Cherish is told entirely from Nash’s point of view, and although I stand by that decision for various reasons, I thought it would be fun to pick some scenes to redo from Myles’ (Emmitt’s) point of view. Here’s a link to the category including all of these alternate POV scenes. Links to other bonus scenes for To Love and To Cherish, as well as from some of my other published works, can be found in the “Bonus Scenes” category in the menu at the top of the page.

So far I’ve rewritten all of Chapter 1 to show it from Myles’/Emmitt’s perspective, as well as a random scene from Chapter 3. Today’s post is a bit longer, and is a scene from Chapter 9 that I thought would be good to see from Myles’/Emmitt’s POV:

Random Scene – Chapter 9

The regular chirping of the heart rate monitor soothed Emmitt’s nerves. Many people might not find it comforting, hating hospitals in general, but to Emmitt it meant Nash was doing well.

Emmitt’s mood had swung sharply from cheery, at the turn his life had recently taken, to alarmed when he’d received Harley’s panicked call using Nash’s phone. As much as he recognized Nash would be facing a difficult next couple of months, at least he now knew his fiancé could expect a full recovery.

Nash stirred on the bed as Clancy stood on the other side of it, checking the IV. Clancy looked down at Nash and smiled one of those jaunty smiles the nurses gave patients to boost their moods. “How are you feeling?”

Emmitt put his hands on the armrests ready to rise, but stilled again when Nash spoke.

“My fiancé,” he croaked. “Was he hurt? Is he okay?”

While it was heartwarming that Nash was concerned about him—all things considered—it was mildly concerning that he didn’t remember the accident enough to know Emmitt hadn’t been involved in it. Not entirely unusual, though.

Clancy glanced at Emmitt. “Oh, no. Don’t worry, Nash, you were the only one hurt. Dr. Burlingham wasn’t even in the car, and Harley and Oliver are both fine.” He paused. “What do you remember?”

Nash paused a moment and stared blankly at Clancy before replying. “No,” he rasped. “I don’t remember the accident.”

Emmitt stood and stepped to the other side of the bed. “You have a mild concussion in addition to your arm injury. Don’t worry. It’s not unusual for people to not be able to remember the accident.”

“Okay,” Nash slurred. He appeared to still be a bit dazed from the anesthetic.

Nash’s left arm was in a cast, so Emmitt picked up Nash’s right hand and held it between his palms. “I’ll go speak to Dr. Beltran. He performed your surgery, so he’ll come in and assess you. I can’t…obviously…but between the concussion and the infection risk from the compound fracture, you’ll probably be spending a night here in the hospital.”

Poor Nash appeared so pale, muddled, and in obvious pain, Emmitt wanted desperately to be able to ease all of it instantly. If only such a thing were possible. He raised Nash’s hand to his lips and kissed the back of it, then patted it gently and carefully laid it back on the bed.

Nash stared blankly, then gave a weak smile. Emmitt turned and left the room to find his partner, Dr. Jordan Beltran.

When they returned, Nash seemed more wakeful, but also seemed further distressed. Emmitt took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Jordan glanced at the Patient Controlled Anesthesia pump and asked, “How’s your pain level, Nash, on the comparative pain scale from one to ten?”

Nash opened his mouth, then paused, as if thinking before he replied, “Eight. At least. It’s pretty bad.”

Jordan nodded. “Use your PCA as needed. I’ll repeat all this tomorrow, after your anesthesia has completely worn off, but to ease your mind for now I’ll tell you that your prognosis is good. For an open fracture, this one was minor. The debridement and irrigation went smoothly, and internal fixation was successful. You’re all closed up.

“Antibiotics were started promptly in the ER, and we’ll continue an antibiotic regimen until you’re released, possibly tomorrow. You did require a transfusion in the ER…three units. This cast will come off in about three weeks so we can remove the stitches, then you’ll get a fresh cast for the remainder.”

He pulled out his mini light to check Nash’s eye dilation, then used an ophthalmoscope to look inside the fundi. He proceeded to check eye movement for a more thorough concussion check than he’d been able to accomplish when Nash was unconscious.

“I’d still call this concussion on the mild end of the scale. Myles said you don’t remember the accident, is that right?”

“Right,” Nash replied. “And Clancy said no one else was hurt?”

“Correct. It wasn’t a car accident, although you were in the backseat of a Jeep when it happened. Apparently you had your arms in the air enjoying the feel of the rushing air, and a large bird swooped down and slammed into your arm.”

“Huh. Well, leave it to me to find such a crazy was to end up in the ER.” Nash reached up to touch the bandage on his forehead.

“You’ve got some bruising and a few sutures there. Nothing major. Tell me about the last thing you do remember,” Jordan asked. “Do you remember what you did this morning?”

“Uh, had breakfast and went for a ride with Harley and Oliver.”

Emmitt narrowed his eyes. Did Nash not remember that they’d been transferring the last of his belongings to Emmitt’s apartment? “Where were you going?”

“I…uh…don’t remember that part.”

Emmitt stilled, and Nash’s panicked mein began to make sense. “What did you do yesterday?”

“It’s…a little fuzzy. I’m sure it’ll come back to me soon. That’s not a big deal, is it?”

It was a huge deal. Colossal. Emmitt’s heart sank. If Nash didn’t remember yesterday, there was a good chance he was missing a couple months, at least. “I think it might be.”

“What’s the last thing you do remember?” Jordan asked.

“Coming home from work. Hanging out before dinner.”

Emmitt willed himself not to fidget, and tried not to project the apprehension that flowed through him at Nash’s evasive words. “One more question.” He took a deep breath, fearing the reply, but he had to know. “When you woke up here a few minutes ago, you asked Clancy if your fiancé was okay. To whom were you referring?”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blurb: To Love and To Cherish

Will Nash find love again? Of course he will. Will he go about it in the usual manner? Now that’s another story entirely.

Jilted by his fiancé two weeks before their wedding, Nash Marino’s outlook on life in general, and love in particular, is jaded. After months of couch-surfing, Nash is fed up. He’s sick and tired of his living conditions, worn out by the demands of his nursing job, and despairs of ever finding love again. In fact, he doesn’t think he’s capable of true love. Monogamy, commitment, companionship, and regular sex…that’s all he wants, and the sooner, the better.

When Nash crosses paths with a like-minded man who’s also in need of a live-in nurse for a beloved relative, Nash figures all his problems are solved. Matters are complicated by a freak accident and amnesia. When Nash’s marriage of convenience scheme is muddied by notions of love after his memory reboot, will their plans go awry, or will Nash’s new outlook on life be just what the doctor ordered?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Flashback Scenes from Sam’s POV – No. 15, Chap. 17

The flashback scenes in ’Til Death Do Us Part chronicle the time from when Henry and Sam first began their courtship through to the night before Henry leaves on his ill-fated flight. To catch up with the flashback scenes previously posted, click this link to the the category archives: Additional bonus scenes can be found via the menu at the top of this page.

This series of blog posts was motivated by a comment from one of the book’s reviewers, Bethany at Rainbow Gold Reviews, who made the comment that she wished the flashback scenes had been from Sam’s POV instead of from Henry’s.

This week’s scene is from the 15th flashback in the book, found at the beginning of Chapter 17 (Note: Chapters 1 and 15 did not have flashback scenes).

This one’s short and minimalist. I didn’t go adding bonus thoughts for Sam except to replace corresponding thoughts Henry had in the original.

Sam bounced in place and smiled reflexively as Henry hurried toward baggage claim. It had been seven longs weeks since they’d seen each other—in person, anyway, not counting Skype. When he arrived at the empty luggage carousel, Henry tapped his foot and stared at the backs of the people in front of him.

Clearly, he hadn’t noticed Sam waiting. Sam snuck up behind him and took a deep breath of Henry’s scent before murmuring, “How was Greenland?”

Henry jumped, but his smile was wide when he spun and threw his arms around Sam’s waist.

“Damn, I missed you!” he said. “And the answer to your question is ‘cold.’ So how was India?”


Henry tightened his arms, giving Sam a big squeeze. “Much as I appreciated being able to see and talk to you every day, thanks to modern technology, nothing quite beats getting a big hug from you in person.”

“Nothing? At all?”

Henry smirked. “Well, I’ll think about it on the drive home and let you know if I come up with any ideas.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

’Til Death Do Us Part

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Treadmill Week 16 & What I #amreading

Treadmill Goals:

  • Get on the treadmill (or equivalent exercise) daily
  • Pace is fine at 30 min/mile, although I may up it on occasion
  • Time range between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day
  • Distance 1-2 miles per day
  • Read the chosen book, which I won’t allow myself to read outside of my treadmill time, hopefully motivating me to reach or exceed the above goals (the only exception to this is Saturday nights, if I want to finish off a book so I can start a fresh one for the new week)

Note: Although I will try to avoid them, my daily #amreading updates may or may not contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

What I #amreading: Necropolis by Jordan L. Hawk

51pnd0ksf3l-_sl_300_ My favorite lines this week:

  • SUNDAY: He hid a smile—unsuccessfully—behind his cup. “I’m sorry. I thought you wished my honesty.”
  • MONDAY: “I doubt the inhabitants of Widdershins will run out of reasons to hire a discreet private detective any time soon,” he said dryly. “It will be here when I return. Did you honestly think I’d let you travel all the way to Egypt, to confront something Christine can’t handle, and not come with you?”
  • TUESDAY: “Oh, do come out and say what you mean, Griffin,” Christine exclaimed, “I have opinions and temper, neither of which I’m supposed to possess due to my sex.”
  • WEDNESDAY: But he thought otherwise, mad as it sounded, and his belief made me want to be that man, the one he could admire. So I only gave his hand an encouraging squeeze.
  • THURSDAY: “What the devil are you doing here?” Christine asked with her typical lack of anything resembling tact.
  • FRIDAY: “Not at all. Your passion is something to behold, my dear. No matter what outlet it is directed into.” His smile turned sly. “I find myself longing for nightfall.”
  • SATURDAY: “You’re welcome. It’s what best friends are for.”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Week 16: March 5, 2017 – March 11, 2017

Sunday  30 min/mile  30:37 min:sec  1 mile
Monday  30 min/mile  30:15 min:sec  1 mile
Tuesday  30 min/mile  30:50 min:sec  1 mile
Wednesday  30 min/mile  30:30 min:sec  1 mile
Thursday  30 min/mile  30:36 min:sec  1 mile
Friday  30 min/mile  33:33 min:sec  1.1 miles
Saturday  30 min/mile  30:15 min:sec  1 mile

#RainbowSnippets March 11, 2017 – Okay, Then

I’ve joined the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. From their description: “Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).” Pretty cool, eh? Don’t forget to “Like” my Facebook page and/or my Facebook profile while you’re over there checking out this fantastic group!


Today I’m giving another snippet from Okay, Then, a short story that’s in the timeline of the flashback scenes from ’Til Death Do Us Part, detailing Henry and Sam’s first date. This story is included in my collection, Snapshots.

The story is told from Henry’s 1st-person POV, and the first speaker (“he”) is Sam. For context, Henry and Sam are in the Solomon Islands on their first date. Sam has just tried Vegemite and coaxed Henry to do the same, prompting this discussion:

“I’m trying to expand my horizons. My New Year’s resolution was to try ten new foods this year. This makes five, so I guess I’m on target.”

“Any regrets among them?”

He winced. “Grasshoppers.”

“Gross. Apparently my resolution was to give up sex.”



Click here for buy-links and details about the Snapshots boxed set.

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Rainbow Snippets

Flash Fiction Friday – Prompt Word Ficlet -March 10, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday

This week I’m using 15 random prompt words for my Flash Fiction Friday story scene. I got one word (champagne) from the comments of last week’s post, and 14 words (bike – aromatic – bad – limit – hiss – bow – squeeze – train – soap – snow – improve – rainy – pain – grass) from a random word generator (screenshot below).

Screenshot 2017-03-08 21.25.31

This week I wrote a random standalone scene, unrelated to any of my existing publications or returning flash fiction characters:

Darren squeezed through a group of passengers standing near the exit and stepped off the train. He pulled up the hood of his jacket and hummed “Rainy Days and Mondays” as he made his way to the bike rack. A deep-toned hiss behind him indicated the doors had shut and the train would move on to its next stop.

Mondays were usually bad enough, but he’d reached his limit today when his pain-in-the-ass boss had dumped another project on his desk and announced he’d probably have to work through the next weekend to meet the deadline. There hadn’t been much he could do except bow his head in acceptance of his employer’s decree. Could his day—no, week—possibly get any worse?

“Could be worse,” a deep voice behind him said, as if its owner could read his mind. “At least it isn’t snow.”

Darren turned toward the holder of that sonorous sound, and his heart leapt into his throat, blocking the automatic reply he’d intended. Instead, he stood with his mouth hanging open, staring at the greenest eyes he’d ever seen. They were green as fresh grass on an early spring day, and framed by strawberry blond hair that seemed the perfect accompaniment to the aromatic cologne or soap the man wore that hinted of the apple-y floral scent of a fine French champagne.

Instead of raising a haughty eyebrow at his graceless reaction, the man smiled widely as his head tilted inquiringly to the side as if he both recognized and returned Darren’s undefended interest. “Hi.” He put out a hand for Darren to shake. “My name’s Stuart.”

Darren grasped the offered hand and found his voice. “Darren. And you’re right. It could be worse.” In fact, it was starting to improve already.

Leave a prompt word in the comments, below, and I’ll use it in next week’s Flash Fiction Friday post. One word per commenter, please, up to 15 total.

King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate – POV Switch Part 2

Promo - Teaser - King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate

I kind of like rewriting various scenes from my published stories in an alternate POV to post here on the blog. If you check out the Bonus Scenes tab at the top of the page, you’ll find links to those, as well as other bonus scenes for some of my stories.

Today’s post is the second part of the opening scene from King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate. The first part can be found here. The published (FREE) short story is told entirely from Blaine’s POV. Using 1st-person perspective, here’s how George perceived this scene:

Mr. ‘Captain Morgan Rum and Diet Coke’ crossed his arms, and his jaw tightened with a scowl. The man hadn’t earned the money to buy that fancy suit by being stupid—he knew I was laughing at him. He sucked in a deep breath and slowly blew it out, then took a sip of his Skinny Pirate. “What’s your name,” he asked. “Or should I just call you ‘King Kong’?”

I laughed. It was good to know the guy had a sense of humor and could take a joke. “That depends. You wanna be my Ann Darrow?”

“Blaine will do fine, thanks.” Not bad. I’d half expected something like Preston or Bentley, but it still fit him well enough. Kind of like my name fit me.

“George. My name’s George.”

Blaine put out a hand. “Pleased to meet you, George.” It looked like I was maybe gonna to get laid tonight after all. I took his hand in mine. It was warm and dry—always a plus when you’re hopin’ to have those hands on your naked body in the near future. “So what do you do? Mechanic?”

I smiled and looked at the traces of grease embedded in my fingernails. “Never can get it all off, no matter how much I scrub.”

“It’s honest work,” Blaine replied.

I leaned back and considered the guy. Maybe he wasn’t as snobby as I’d supposed. “It is. Hard, sweaty, and grubby.” I grinned and went for broke. “Kinda like good sex.”

Blaine’s eyes widened a bit, but I figured it was a good sign his jaw didn’t drop, so I pushed on.

“How ’bout you, Blaine? I don’t get the impression you work with your hands.” That probably deserved an understatement of the year award.

“I’m an attorney.”

“I was gonna guess either that or some kinda corporate raider.”

Blaine smiled. “Well, I’m the attorney for a corporate raider, so you got a pretty good read on me.”

“There now, you see? We’ve got two things in common. We’re both pretty astute observers.”

“That’s one thing. What’s the other?”

I tipped my head to the side. “We’re both horny gay men.” I grinned again. “And here I’d just complimented your powers of observation.”

Blaine laughed. “You got me there.”

“So the question is, what are we going to do about it?” I figured I’d put the ball in his court since I’d already made my intentions clear enough. I didn’t have to wait more than a couple heartbeats for his reply.

“I believe this is the point where one of us asks, ‘your place or mine’?” Blaine tossed back the rest of his drink and raised his eyebrows.

Hell yes, I was gonna get laid. My smile couldn’t have been any broader. “I cleaned my apartment and everything, too.”

Click this link for more information about King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate.

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Release Blitz! Fae Wish by Theresa Oliver #EXCERPT #GIVEAWAY

Tiny or tall, brave or small—it is the size of our hearts that matter at all …


Title: Fae Wish
Author: Theresa Oliver
Series: A Cambria Fairy Tale Book 1
Genre:  M/F Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Write More Publications
Release Date: March 6, 2017

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Treadmill Week 15 and What I #amreading

Treadmill Goals:

  • Get on the treadmill (or equivalent exercise) daily
  • Pace is fine at 30 min/mile, although I may up it on occasion
  • Time range between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day
  • Distance 1-2 miles per day
  • Read the chosen book, which I won’t allow myself to read outside of my treadmill time, hopefully motivating me to reach or exceed the above goals (the only exception to this is Saturday nights, if I want to finish off a book so I can start a fresh one for the new week)

Note: Although I will try to avoid them, my daily #amreading updates may or may not contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

What I #amreading: Slam! by J.L. Merrow — (This is a reread…I enjoyed the humor in last week’s book, and I was still in the mood for something comedic. I knew for a fact this one would fit the bill. It is, in fact, one of the few M/M books I have in paperback as well as in ebook format, because it’s such a favorite.)

17221425 My favorite lines this week:

  • SUNDAY: “It’s fine,” I said, trying not to let my feelings show as I stared at the shriveled remains of what had probably once been meat. “Just needs a bit of…” Ketchup alone wasn’t going to cut it, I decided. “I’ll get the Worcestershire sauce. And the mustard.”
  • MONDAY: “Looks like Mum’s home after all,” I said, unbuckling my seat belt and turning in an Oscar-winning portrayal of someone who hadn’t just had all his hopes dashed. “Want to come in for a coffee? She’ll probably want to thank you for saving her only son from a fate worse than conformity.
  • TUESDAY: “No, that’s just Saturdays.” the whisper came from an orange-belted ninja. Did that make him a ginja? I tried not to snigger at the thought. “You’re the one who got mugged, aren’t you?” he carried on. “I was gutted I missed that.”
  • WEDNESDAY: Keisha frowned. “Maybe he’s hoping for hidden depths?”

“I haven’t even got hidden shallows!”

  • THURSDAY: I scooted downstairs to open the front door. And beamed. My inner Sally Field was bouncing up and down like Bubbles and gushing you like me, you really like me! because David was there, looking edible in jeans, a Timberland shirt and a smile, casually accessorized with a Tesco carrier bag.
  • FRIDAY: All the cars had gone from the playground except Mum’s Ka (red, with an honest layer of grime) and David’s Nissan (all silver and shiny, like it was made out of moonbeams).
  • SATURDAY: “Well, all right, but I’m not promising I’m going to eat the food. If it’s got tentacles, I’m out of here. That sort of stuff should stay in animé porn where it belongs.”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Week 15: February 26, 2017 – March 4, 2017

Sunday  30 min/mile  33:19 min:sec 1.1 miles
Monday  30 min/mile  38:20 min:sec  1.2 miles
Tuesday  30 min/mile  36:04 min:sec  1.2 miles
Wednesday  30 min/mile  31:10 min:sec  1 mile
Thursday  30 min/mile  30:15 min:sec  1 mile
Friday  30 min/mile  30:09 min:sec  1 mile
Saturday  30 min/mile  30:29 min:sec  1 mile