TREADMILL Week 190 & What I #AmReading – Secret at Skull House by Josh Lanyon

📚 From Sunday: The familiar, comforting, theatrical scents of aged wood, fabric, mothballs, and sewing-machine oil greeted Ellery as he walked into the costume room at the old theater on Wallace street Monday evening. It was clear, from the sudden cease fire, that everyone had been talking about him. Even the blank papier-mâché faces on the masks on the prop shelf looked vaguely guilty.


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BOOK BLAST – The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth – #Excerpt #Giveaway

Purchase Available in paperback and in ebook format in Kindle Unlimited! Amazon: Kindle | Paperback The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth Humankind has just taken its first step toward the stars. Series: Liminal Sky (book #1)Publisher: Other Worlds InkCover Artist: J. Scott CoatsworthRelease Date: July 10, 2020Length: Novel / 86,000 words / 292 pagesGenre etc.: Sci-Fi, LGBTQ+ Identities, Bi, Trans FTM, Gay (Bi character not evident until book 2), body …

BONUS SCENE – When Are You? – Lucas’s Return

This is a bonus scene for When Are You?, but it’ll stand alone as a fun little scene even if you haven’t read the novel it spins off from.

In the novel, Lucas Schmidt is a minor but fun side character. So minor, that beta readers who haven’t read the completed story are scratching their heads if they’re reading this and mumbling, “Who the heck is Lucas?” Still, Lucas added an interesting twist to the story, and a way to better show some pertinent information that happens late in Leo and Vinnie’s story.

However, since the novel is all from Vinnie and/or Leo’s POV, once Lucas gets shoved back through the portal, we are left with only our imaginations to wonder what happens next in his life. This scene is from Lucas’s POV and picks up immediately after he’s pushed through the portal, back to the present.

Originally posted in my June, 2020 newsletter using 20 prompt words provided by newsletter subscribers.

TREADMILL Week 187 & What I #AmReading – Axios: A Spartan Tale by Jaclyn Osborn

From Sunday: He pressed his forehead to mine, still loosely holding my chin. “I see someone who is kind and sho stops to see the beauty of the world. Someone who likes to watch the birds fly in the sky, wondering where they go… wondering what it’s like to soar amongst the clouds. I see an intelligent mind who ponders what makes the sky blue and where the sun goes at night. But mostly… I see my truest companion.”