BONUS SCENE – When Are You? – Lucas Returns Part 4

Although I try to write each bonus scene (even when part of a thread, like this one) so that a reader who stumbles upon it can follow along and enjoy the scene without having read the previous scenes, let alone the novel it spins off from, I think the scene will be best appreciated if you’ve at least read the earlier episodes first. You can easily catch up (or refresh your memory) by clicking on the spoiler tags for easy access to the first three scenes in this thread.

BONUS SCENE – When Are You? – Lucas’s Return

This is a bonus scene for When Are You?, but it’ll stand alone as a fun little scene even if you haven’t read the novel it spins off from.

In the novel, Lucas Schmidt is a minor but fun side character. So minor, that beta readers who haven’t read the completed story are scratching their heads if they’re reading this and mumbling, “Who the heck is Lucas?” Still, Lucas added an interesting twist to the story, and a way to better show some pertinent information that happens late in Leo and Vinnie’s story.

However, since the novel is all from Vinnie and/or Leo’s POV, once Lucas gets shoved back through the portal, we are left with only our imaginations to wonder what happens next in his life. This scene is from Lucas’s POV and picks up immediately after he’s pushed through the portal, back to the present.

Originally posted in my June, 2020 newsletter using 20 prompt words provided by newsletter subscribers.