More Reviews for ’Til Death Do Us Part

A couple more reviews have come in for ’Til Death Do Us Part since I did a Review Roundup post back on April 28th. Sadonna at “The Novel Approach” and Giles West at “multitaskingmomma” each had nice things to say about the book.


Excerpt from a Review by Sadonna of “The Novel Approach”

4 out of 5 stars

The Novel Approach - Sadonna

This book is just really well written. There was drama and suspense that is not manufactured, and sucked me in from the first page. I enjoyed all of the characters, including the large cast of supporting characters. I had only read short stories from this author in the past, but I’ll be looking for more longer works.

Definitely recommended for those who like a gripping and dramatic story with likeable characters who have to work for their happy ending.


Excerpts from a Review by Giles West of “multitaskingmomma”

4.5 out of 5 stars

multitaskingmomma recommendation badge

I read this novel in one sitting on a rainy day that seemed to just fit with the book somehow. The cover certainly works and the colors are eye-catching. I’m writing this directly after finishing the novel. Even though I’m still gathering my thoughts on it, I must admit I did get teary-eyed in parts. It’s never a bad thing when a story can elicit such emotions from a reader.

‘Til Death Do Us Part is a great read with interesting characters. The plane crash was handled well and the writer definitely did her research regarding not just the crash but also island survival. I enjoyed reading the story and cared about It’s a book I definitely recommend.hr6


Henry and Sam Miller-Greene are living the dream. They love their careers — which afford each of them opportunities to travel to exotic locations — they love their home, Sam’s caring family, and each other. They disagree on the subject of adoption, but are fully committed to each other in marriage … ’Til Death Do Us Part.

The dream is shattered when Henry’s plane crashes, and he’s presumed dead. But four people — Henry, two other men, and a child — survive undetected on a remote, small, and insignificant island. Will Sam and Henry’s love be able to survive as well?

Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions, never knowing when disaster will strike. Sam struggles with his loss, but with help moves on with his life. Will Sam be able to put aside his new love when he reunites with Henry?


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