7-7-7 WIP Challenge

So, Heloise West tagged me to take the 7-7-7 WIP challenge. Don’t know what that is? The rules are as follows:

Go to page 7 (or page 77) of one of your WIPs. Go to the seventh line on that page and share the next seven sentences. Then pay it forward by tagging seven more writers to continue the challenge.

I have two WIPs going right now. One is titled From This Day Forward, and is a short story direct sequel to ’Til Death Do Us Part. The other is titled To Love and To Cherish, and is a spin-off from ’Til Death, where we see Nash get his HEA.

Oddly enough, if I went with the correct passage using From This Day Forward, it would overlap the excerpt I already have slated for my #RainbowSnippets post tomorrow, so that’s out. So it’s an excerpt from To Love and To Cherish, by default.

Since this excerpt is taken completely out of context, let me explain what’s going on leading into it. Nash is one of the main characters in this story. He was dumped two weeks before his wedding, four months (and one book) earlier. The first speaker is Harley, who is Nash’s best friend. Oliver is Harley’s boyfriend. Harley is speaking to Nash, who just told him how much his help and support has been appreciated.

“Don’t sweat it. That’s what best friend slash wedding planners are for, right?”

Oliver said, “I still can’t get over that shit. What a crazy situation. You guys were a great match, too.”

“Yeah, I’m over it, though.” Nash scraped the remains on the dinner plates into the garbage disposal and sighed.

While looking for an image to go with this post, there were multiple slot machine options, or this:

kuro_13021901It’s got twice as many 7s as needed, but being the math-lover that I am, I couldn’t resist.

To the seven people I tag for this challenge, I’m going to give you the option of simply answering this problem instead of posting the appropriate seven lines from your WIP, since I know many have already taken the challenge, and I don’t feel like searching everyone’s blog and Facebook posts to double check. 🙂

I tag: Vanessa Sims, Jon Keys, J.D. Walker, Paula Wyant, B.G. Thomas, Chris Quinton, and R.M. Olivia.

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