Rainbow Snippets #11

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I’ve been giving snippets from my WIPs lately, both of which are related to ’Til Death Do Us Part (a spin-off and a short direct sequel). Today, I’m back to give another snippet from the the book that inspired my two WIPs.


A little context for this snippet: Henry (the 1st-person POV character) and his husband, Sam, are at the airport. Henry is about to leave for a six-week research trip (at least that’s all they think is about to happen).

“Call me when you land, okay, Henry?”

“It’ll be something like six-forty tomorrow morning, your time,” I replied. The summer class Sam would be teaching started tomorrow, but he still wouldn’t need to get up that early.

“Humor me. Please?”

I’d been infected with the travel bug years ago when I’d taken my first research trip as a graduate student. If there was an antidote, I didn’t want to take it. Now that I was married, I admitted that the weeks-long separation from my husband put a damper on my spirits for work-related travels, but it wasn’t strong enough to make me want to stop. It was just a few weeks, after all.


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18 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #11

  1. Calling home to let my mother know I’d made it safely back to campus on a snowy Sunday was how I got the nickname “P.T.”

    Knowing what’s going to happen, this snippet is a chilling.

  2. Speaking as someone whose loved ones just went a trip, I can’t help shuddering a bit in sympathy. (shudders) Not to mention I’m soon going on one myself. (shudders again)

  3. I agree with the others—this definitely sent a chill up my spine.

    I’m the same way about needing to check in/have my spouse check in when we travel.

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