Seductive Studs #01

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For my bright and shiny very first Seductive Studs post, I’ll post an excerpt from a WIP that’s tentatively titled To Love and To Cherish. It’s a spin-off story for Nash, the jilted fiancé from my recent release at JMS Books, ’Til Death Do Us Part.

A little background to give this excerpt some context: Nash has been sleeping on a couch in the apartment of his best friend Harley (and Harley’s boyfriend, Oliver) since the breakup with his fiancé. Harley set up a blind date for Nash, and Nash is arriving home after the date has ended.

Nash turned the key in the door and edged it open carefully. He heard the TV going, but that didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility he’d be interrupting something he didn’t want to see.

“It’s safe,” Harley called out, and Nash pushed the door open the rest of the way and entered the apartment.

Harley and Oliver looked innocent enough lounging on the couch with their feet up on the coffee table, but eau de “Mediterranean Lavender” still lingered, and he could hear the washing machine churning away down the hallway, adding a hint of bleach to the atmosphere.

“Towel load?” he asked, since they didn’t actually own a tarp.

Oliver’s face turned a becoming rosy shade, and Harley snickered. “Shut up. Sit down and tell us about the date.”

“There won’t be a second one. ’Nuff said.”

Oh, dear. It doesn’t appear that Nash’s luck has changed for the better yet.

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