Seductive Studs #02

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This week I’m going to give you a snippet from my recent release at JMS Books, ’Til Death Do Us Part.

“Sam knocked lightly on the jamb of the open doorway to Henry’s office. Henry looked up and grinned.

“Hey, come on in. What’s up?”

“My family wants to meet you.”

Henry put down the red pen he’d been holding and set aside the stack of homework papers he’d been grading. Family? Unlike his own family, Henry knew Sam’s parents were accepting of their son’s sexuality, but would that really extend to acceptance of his boyfriend?



“I figured that would go over better than ‘oh, shit.’”
Sam coughed nervously as he looked out the open window, avoiding Henry’s eye. “So, you don’t want to?”

“I didn’t say that,” he said quickly. “Look at me, Sam. Please?”
Sam turned his gaze back to Henry. “So you will?”

“I’m just nervous. You know how things are with my family, right?”

“Sure, but I’ve told you mine isn’t like that.”

“I know. Maybe it’s one of those irrational fears. Me and meeting families is like you and flying on airplanes.”

Sam snickered. “Okay, okay. I get it. Remember, though, I don’t let it actually keep me from flying.”

Henry sighed with faux drama, bringing up a hand to clutch his nonexistent pearls. “Just say when, and I’ll be there.”

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