3 x 3 WiP and Tag, You’re It

Heloise West, the brilliant author of Loose ID’s Heart and Haven series (Hitting Black Ice and Send Lawyers, Guns, & Roses), etc., has tagged me in the 3 x 3 WiP tag-around. I’ve been seeing a version floating around Facebook where just the first line of each of the first three chapters is shared, but this version calls for the first three lines of the first three chapters, so that’s what you’re getting.

By the way, I’m tagging: Amy Tasukada, Vanessa Sims, and J.D. Walker.

This is from my Work in Progress, tentatively titled To Love and To Cherish. It’s a spin-off story from ’Til Death Do Us Part. Blurb still pending, but the tag line is:

Will Nash find love again? Of course he will. Will he go about it in the usual way? Now that’s another story entirely.

Disclaimer: These lines are not only unedited, they are quite subject to change at this early stage (I’m only now working on Chapter 6).

From Chapter 1:

The elderly man shifted in the wheelchair, and Nash Marino reached down to tuck in the loose blanket around his patient. He glanced up as the elevator stopped, then blinked and stiffened a bit when he saw a familiar figure from his recent past step into the elevator. Not that he had anything against Truman Greene—he’d always enjoyed the company of this man and his entire family.

From Chapter 2:

“You’re a regular slave driver, Blondie,” Bernie grumbled as he grasped Nash’s arm with a surprisingly strong grip.

“Nash,” he corrected patiently—trying to strike the right balance between firm and assuring—as he slowly lowered the man into the reclining chair.

“I remember which one you are.”

From Chapter 3:

Angela looked ready to burst as she approached the table, tray in hand. Nash took a quick look around to verify nobody was within earshot, because the look on her face was a familiar one. It was her “you won’t believe what I heard” look, and generally it meant a juicy tidbit was about to be divulged at some poor bastard’s expense.

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