I’ve finished writing To Love and to Cherish, the story where Nash from ’Til Death Do Us Part gets his Happily Ever After. Look for it in November at JMS Books. I’ll share the cover and the specific release date when I have them.

So what’s my next project? I’m going to overhaul all my earliest stories and upload them to KDP Select, including Kindle Unlimited for however long that deal requires–90 days?–then I’ll probably upload them to all the usual distributors.

The books in question are my Dream series books (A Dream Come True, Another Dream, and Dreaming of You), and my short stories. Currently the Dream series books are together in a trilogy. I plan to separate them once again. The short stories are currently all being sold separately. I plan to put them all together into a collection.

I’ll remove their present incarnations from all the distributor sites probably some time this week. I’ll keep you posted on the status of the overhauls. It could be significant. I love all the stories, but I know I can tell them better now than I could when I first started writing.

Old Covers Collage - 1148 x 600

Once I’m done with that project I’ll start on another new story. I haven’t decided yet whether to give Nash a little more drama, possibly give Henry and Sam some more obstacles to overcome, or begin something completely new. I’ve got an idea or two brewing, so we’ll see. 🙂

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