Wednesday Words – Jan. 18, 2017 – Adventures with Harrison and Mason

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P.T. Wyant posts a weekly prompt for writers, and followers of the blog are encouraged to write a bit of flash fiction (approx. 500 words) using those words/ideas. Last Wednesday’s post gave the prompts: a snowman, a park bench, and an empty bottle.

I went with a drabble—a precisely 100 word scene—featuring my recurring characters, Harrison and Mason along with their son Jaxon. I also found a fun image to fit the words:


This is my drabble using that prompt:

“He looks so sad,” Jaxon said. The snowman on the park bench sat with its head in its hands.

“I wonder why he’s so unhappy?” Mason asked.

“Maybe he’s lonely,” Harrison replied.

Mason squeezed Harrison’s hand then quirked an eyebrow at their son. “Jaxon?”

“I think he’s thirsty.” The boy placed his empty juice bottle between the snowman’s legs.

“Hmm,” Mason said. “Maybe we should recycle that for him.”

“Oops.” Jaxon handed it to Harrison, then squatted to pick up a piece of black cloth and draped it over the snowman’s leg. “Maybe he was sad ’cause he dropped this.”

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