Flash Fiction Friday Feb. 17, 2017 – Drabble – Adventures with Harrison & Mason

Flash Fiction Friday

I’m going with a drabble this week—a precisely 100-word scene. It’ll be based on the image below, as well as use the word I got in the comments from last week’s post: cookie.

Snowy 024

This week will be another installment in my Adventures with Harrison and Mason series.

“How is he not freezing his buns off out there?” Harrison peered out the window at Jaxon with his friends.

“They stay warm running around.” Mason approached and laid a hand on Harrison’s shoulder. When he saw the snowman the kids had built he burst out laughing.

“You didn’t give them that idea, then?”

“To build it upside down? No, but I like it. What’s that they’re using for buttons?”

“I brought out a tray of those cookies I baked. I guess they had extras.”

“Those were good.” Mason nuzzled Harrison’s neck. “Mm, but not nearly as tasty as you.”

Leave a prompt word in the comments, below, and I’ll use it in next week’s Flash Fiction Friday post. One word per commenter, please, up to 15 total.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Feb. 17, 2017 – Drabble – Adventures with Harrison & Mason

  1. Stop being such a tease, that was way too short!! 😀
    And I almost froze my behind off just by looking at that picture 🙂

    My word for you today is “patriarchy” because I’m pissed off at the waiter who spilled soup on my lap and apologized to my husband!

    1. LOL, I know…I feel like I’m cheating when I go with a drabble. It’s a time thing. Those longer posts working in 15 words are fun, but they take time. I’ve gotten on a roll with my current rewrite so I that took priority.

      Patriarchy it is. That’ll be a bit challenging. I’m pissed off on your behalf, too! Is that something that was not unexpected with the Malasian culture, or would you have expected the waiter to direct his apology at you? (Sorry, I’m not up on all the cultural differences)

      1. I know I complain, but I’m actually impressed that you manage to tell a story with just 100 words. I write texts that’s longer than that, because as you probably know about me by now, I tend to get wordy. So good job 🙂

        I guess it’s not weird that the waiter apologized to my husband, women have lower status and are less worth then men in Malaysian culture. It’s hard to get used to and impossible to accept, since both me and the husband are big supporters of equality.
        But an acquaintance of mine told a story about a man stopping a Malaysian woman from falling overboard, and got hit by her husband as thanks. I guess since he laid his hands on her.

        It’s weird living here. But I really learn a lot. I’m still pissed off though 😀

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