The Romance Reviews – 6th Anniversary Party! #giveaway #contest

The Romance ReviewsIt’s March, which means it’s time for TRR’s 6th Anniversary Party! Join them for a whole month of fun! There are Q&As to answer and a match the covers game. I’m contributing signed copies of both ’Til Death Do Us Part and To Love and To Cherish to the giveaway.

My question is up today (it’s #10), and as the hint on TRR’s site indicates, the answer can be found in the excerpt on my info page for ’Til Death Do Us Part. Much as I want you to have to read the whole thing to find the answer, I’ll give a bonus hint to people reading this blog post: scroll to the very bottom, then count up five paragraphs. You’ll find the answer there. ♡

Promo - ’Til Death Do Us Part - To Love and To Cherish - Print

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