#AtoZChallenge – D is for Devon

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I’m participating in the A to Z blogger challenge this year. Since April also is the anniversary month for the release of my novel, ’Til Death Do Us Part, I thought I’d use that for the theme of my posts. For each letter I will come up with a word that is pertinent to the story, and post a short excerpt featuring it.

In general these excerpts will bounce around the timeline (after all, the story isn’t told in alphabetical order). No worries, I’ll give a little context leading into each scene so it won’t be necessary to read the others to enjoy the snippet-of-the-day.

DD is for Devon

Devon is one of four characters (also including Henry, Buddy, and Garrett) who’ve washed up on a small uncharted island in the South Pacific ocean. He’s a fun and important side-character in the story. This scene takes place after they’ve been on the island for a few years and is told from Henry’s 1st-person POV:

Devon paced like a caged animal as Garrett patiently kicked my ass at checkers, and Buddy played in the giant sandbox that was our bed. Our checkerboard was a cleverly woven mat. Small flat stones were the playing pieces for one player, and chunks cut from old coconut helmets for the opponent. Stacking the pieces for kinging was a bit tricky, but we made it work. There wasn’t much else to do on a drizzly day.

“King me,” said Garrett.

I grumbled, but carefully balanced one stone atop the other.

“Devon, will you help me with the moat?” asked Buddy.

“Sorry.” Devon bit the word out without further explanation. Buddy scowled and stared as Devon continued to pace.

Cabin fever was our biggest enemy on rainy days. We all fell prey to it, but none so much as Devon. He did great entertaining Buddy with storytelling and joining him in the sand for a while, but eventually it would become clear his pent-up energy was ready to explode. Today was worse than usual.

“Ha!” I double-jumped two of Garrett’s stones.

“That was just a fluke,” said Garrett.

Devon stopped pacing, squatted in front of the storage shelf, and started rummaging through the tool basket. Garrett and I both turned to see what he was up to. He pulled out the little hatchet and stood. “I’m going out. I can’t take this anymore.”

Garrett groaned as he unfolded himself from his position on one of the rolled up mats and stood in front of Devon. “Hold on there. What’s this all about?”

“I’m getting off this island, that’s what it’s about.”

I joined Garrett and did my best to mirror his soothing tone. “What are you planning to do with that hatchet?”


Henry and Sam Miller-Greene are living the dream. They love their careers — which afford each of them opportunities to travel to exotic locations — they love their home, Sam’s caring family, and each other. They disagree on the subject of adoption, but are fully committed to each other in marriage … ’Til Death Do Us Part.

The dream is shattered when Henry’s plane crashes, and he’s presumed dead. But four people — Henry, two other men, and a child — survive undetected on a remote, small, and insignificant island. Will Sam and Henry’s love be able to survive as well?

Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions, never knowing when disaster will strike. Sam struggles with his loss, but with help moves on with his life. Will Sam be able to put aside his new love when he reunites with Henry?

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