Flash Fiction Friday – April 21, 2017 – Adventures with Harrison and Mason

Flash Fiction Friday

This week’s Flash Fiction Friday features my recurring characters, Harrison and Mason, and uses the words left in last week’s post (sneeze and muzzy).

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Harrison moaned as he rolled and reached for a tissue. He found the box, but it was empty. He didn’t even care when it fell and tumbled noisily across the hardwood floor.

Jaxon poked his head around the corner. “You feel any better, Daddy?”

Harrison blinked a few times, trying to focus on his son. “Feeling muzzy.”


“Brain’s foggy.” He closed his eyes and mumbled, “Could you have Pop bring more tissues, please?”

Harrison reopened his eyes when a heavier tread walked into the room. Mason grinned and set a glass of water on the bedside table. “Jaxon says you asked for a joint.”

“A what? No—tissues!” Harrison sat and covered his lower face. “Sorry. Gonna sneeze.”

Mason ran into the attached bathroom and returned with a wad of toilet paper. It was better than getting snot on his hands, so he snatched the pile in the nick of time.

“Be right back.” Mason dashed out, and Harrison dropped the used TP into the trash can someone had placed by the bed for him.

When Mason returned, he handed Harrison a fresh box of Kleenex and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Chicken soup’s heating on the stove. I’ll bring you some in a minute.” Mason ran fingers through Harrison’s sweaty hair, brushing it back out of his face. “I wonder why Jaxon thought you were asking for a doobie.”

“Dunno. I’m too muzzy to think straight.”

Mason sputtered then leaned across to plant a kiss on Harrison’s brow.

“Aw, I don’t want to make you sick, too.”

“Worth it.” Mason’s grin was extra wide as he chuckled his way out of the room.

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3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – April 21, 2017 – Adventures with Harrison and Mason

  1. I’m clearly not up to speed on the marijuana lingo, I had to google it to understand. Very fitting theme, considering yesterday was marijuana day. (Didn’t know that either until yesterday)

    Well, I guess you can rest assured that I’m obviously not a drug lord 😀

    With that in mind: the word of the day is NAIVE 😀

    1. I’m with you. I had no idea of any of the several (at least to the Urban Dictionary) definitions for the word. The marijuana definition was #1 for Muzzy on Urban Dictionary, meanwhile it doesn’t even rate a mention on http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/marijuana, so I don’t know how well-used it is. I tried to make it obvious in the scene by Mason’s reaction. The muddled thinking is another definition (#11) for Muzzy on Urban Dictionary, and the intended one by Aldrea, who left the word for me last week, so I worked that in, too.

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