May 1 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

I came across this list of writing prompts for May, 2017 on the Writer’s Write page and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m going to try for a series of drabbles (precisely 100-word scenes) that will flow together featuring the characters from my Adventures with Harrison and Mason flash fiction story scenes.


May 1, 2017 — Eclectic

(Harrison’s 3rd-person POV)

Harrison’s head bopped as he and his son Jaxon danced around the living room to the eclectic mix of music on the young boy’s playlist. Jaxon’s laughter caught his attention as the current song came to an end.

“Daddy, what was that?” Jaxon covered his grin with one hand.

“The song? I don’t know the name. It’s your playlist, don’t you know what it’s called?”

“No, the dance.” He snickered through his fingers.

“Eh, it’s just some freestyle dancing. I don’t think it has a name.”

“I think it does.”


“Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s called ‘The Mom Dance.’”

Just for fun:

To be continued tomorrow with ‘disheveled.’

All the drabbles in this series using the May, 2017 prompts can be found here (note: to read them in order, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the category list and read up from there).

10 thoughts on “May 1 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

  1. Great idea. And great use of the word, kids’ playlists tend to be eclectic indeed! 🙂
    Is it too much to hope for that #14 will be sexy times? 😀

    1. Bwahaha…I have no idea yet. Unlike the A-Z which was all scheduled before April even started, I just came across this one early afternoon today. I have no idea yet where it’s going, but I’m determined they will tell an overall story of some sort. I only just finished #2 and am scheduling it for 3 hours from now.

      1. I love that it will be an overall story. And soon I’m gonna start wanting a real book about Harrison and Mason and their adorable family, not just snippets on the blog. I know, I know. I’m a demanding reader! 🙂

        Btw: I’m an expert at the Mom Dance 😀

          1. Lol, I didn’t think of that. I thought “toy” would be a Jaxon-word for sure 🙂 Btw: is #13 meant to be caNyon, or is cayon a word and I just don’t know it? I mean: if it’s THAT deep, you can always combine 13+14. Canyon deep in two holes…see where I’m going with this? 😉

            1. I think it must be a typo. Google’s got nothing that would make sense. Apparently “Cayon” is a place in the Caribbean, or a type of olive, neither of which could reasonably pair up with “deep.”

              Hahaha! You are determined. 👍😳

                1. Lol, yes!! Or if something is stuck, it can by all means be a Cayon olive, if they’ve been watching “9 1/2 weeks” and are having some creative food sex? 😀

                  (I’m never gonna look at an olive the same way again now!)

                  1. True, I could go with the olive and not feel like I’m cheating by making an assumption.
                    (BTW, I just added a video to this post. It’s hilarious if you haven’t seen it before). I must say goodnight now, though. Gotta get up early! 😴

                    1. Lol, I hadn’t seen it! Isn’t it fantastic that MO makes those corny moves look kind of cool? And I excel at the “OMG I love this song”-move! 😀

                      Sleep well! <3

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