May 11 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

I came across this list of writing prompts for May, 2017 on the Writer’s Write page and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m going to try for a series of drabbles (precisely 100-word scenes) that will flow together featuring the characters from my Adventures with Harrison and Mason flash fiction story scenes.


May 11, 2017 — Juniper’s

(Harrison’s 3rd-person POV)

“Stick ’em up, cowboy.” Jaxon’s finger pressed against Mason’s back. “Reach for the sky!”

Mason winked at Harrison and obediently raised his arms, like a juniper’s branches, up toward the sky.

Harrison chuckled. “Who are you, Jesse James?” Seemed like that was a safe guess considering they were walking out of the Jesse James museum.

“Nope, I’m a marshal that’s gonna arrest him.”

“Good choice,” Gramps said. “What do you say we rustle on over to the Bad Art Bistro and feed that outlaw a burger before hauling him in?”

To be continued tomorrow using ‘chalkboard.’

All the drabbles in this series using the May, 2017 prompts can be found here (note: to read them in order, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the category list and read up from there).

5 thoughts on “May 11 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

      1. Seriously though, I totally understand that! And I personally love reading about cute, nice characters that could be real human beings. Arrogant assholes doesn’t do it for me! 🙂

          1. But seriously. The hunky fireman with muscles on muscles and the grumpy cop with a heart of gold (hidden deep inside) is done to death!! If I want alpha males I can read MF 😀

            I much prefer the nice people. The quirky or sensitive ones. The unique ones. But I realize I might be in the minority, so I’ll be their defender!! I’ll probably never write about a fire fighter! 😀

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