May 22, 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

I came across this list of writing prompts for May, 2017 on the Writer’s Write page and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m going to try for a series of drabbles (precisely 100-word scenes) that will flow together featuring the characters from my Adventures with Harrison and Mason flash fiction story scenes.


May 22, 2017 — Booked

(Harrison’s 3rd-person POV)

“So, Jaxon’s talk about mud facials and milk baths got me thinking.” Mason plopped onto the sofa next to Harrison.

Harrison perked up and hiked his eyebrows. “Yeah? Maybe a spa day?”

“You got it.” Mason leaned in for a light kiss. “I booked us for this afternoon. I talked to Gramps. He’ll take Jaxon to see that Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie and play a round of mini-golf.”

“Awesome. I needed a relaxing day, and I imagine Gramps is thrilled at the idea of a little one-on-one with Jaxon.”

“You should’ve seen him grinning when I suggested it!”

To be continued tomorrow using ‘leave me.’

All the drabbles in this series using the May, 2017 prompts can be found here (note: to read them in order, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the category list and read up from there).

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    1. Neither am I. Perhaps I’m not the best judge, since I’ve never done it, but the idea of it doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather see the movie and play mini-golf, too. 🙂

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