#RainbowSnippets July 8, 2017 – To Love and To Cherish (Celebrating Vows Box Set)

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In honor of the release of the Vows Series Box Set, I’m going with a steamy snippet from To Love and To Cherish (the final story in the set). The box set should be up at Amazon some time this weekend. With the collection (2 novels, a novelette, and a short story) coming in at over 147,000 words, it’s a steal at only $6.99!

No story context needed for this scene. This is told from Nash’s 3rd-person POV:

Nash brought his feet up to the edge and slid his body forward, then hooked his knees over Emmitt’s shoulders. He arched luxuriously, gripping the far edge of the island and peered back toward the windows. He peeked at the outside world before returning his attention forward as Emmitt meticulously prepared him.

It was the sexiest fucking thing Nash had ever experienced. Emmitt was as focused, careful, and systematic as Nash remembered from working with him in the OR. Emmitt might not have had any experience preparing another man for anal penetration, but he’d for darned sure studied it.

Some people had fun with sexy doctor-nurse roleplaying. Nash was getting the real thing.

Promo #2 1200 x 628

Click here for more information on the stories included in this collection.

The Vows Series Box Set will be exclusively in the Amazon Select program for 90 days. Afterward it will become available at all the usual distributors.

It should be showing up sometime this weekend. Here’s a link to my general search page on Amazon. I’ll update this post with a specific link as soon as I notice it’s up.

UPDATE: Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073V6HR38/


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  1. A box set!! Yay, that’s amazing!! I love box sets! And 6,99 is so freaking cheap it’s a steal! I hope you sell a gazillion of them for that price! <3

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