Flashback Scenes from Sam’s POV – No. 20 (Chap. 22) – FINAL SCENE!!

This is it! the final installment of the ’Til Death Do Us Part flashback scene POV switches. The rest can all be found here.

This is the 20th flashback scene, found at the beginning of chapter 22.

Flashback #20 - Chapter 22

“Six weeks,” Sam stated. “It’s going to seem like forever.”

“It won’t be that bad. Before you know it, I’ll be back here in your arms.”

Sam tightened those arms around Henry. “That’s because you’ll be in fucking Fiji, but I’ll be teaching a time-condensed intro class. One of us will be in paradise, the other not so much. Maybe if I just don’t ever let go…”

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Henry kissed him, then whispered, “How about you just concentrate on making sure I’ll still be able to feel you for the first week, hmmm?”

Sam snickered. Henry always found a way to lighten the moment and make him laugh. Warmth spread through him as he reached for the drawer in the bedside table.

Henry smiled and closed his eyes. His body arched as Sam’s hands roamed his body, then traveled lower, to prepare him. Henry’s eyes reopened when Sam moved into place above him.

Henry’s head lifted to claim Sam’s lips, pushing in with his tongue as Sam pushed into him. They moved together, their harmony perfectly synchronized from years of learning each other’s wants. Perspiration glistened on Henry’s forehead, And Sam’s dripped, adding to the mix. The room was silent except for the rocking of the bed, punctuated by unrestrained moans.

Finally, Henry shuddered in release, groaning into Sam’s neck. Sam sped up, and convulsed as he found his own. Afterward, they lay mutely with Henry’s head tucked comfortably at Sam’s shoulder. Sam quivered as Henry alternated between slowly tracing a finger back and forth along Sam’s treasure trail and carding his fingers through the hairs on Sam’s chest, while Sam gently rubbed circles on his back. Snuggling like this in bed, afterglow or otherwise, was something Sam would miss every night of Henry’s absence.

“I’ll be back in no time at all,” Henry whispered. But, was he trying to convince Sam…or himself?

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2 thoughts on “Flashback Scenes from Sam’s POV – No. 20 (Chap. 22) – FINAL SCENE!!

  1. Awwww. I woke up in a funk today (weird dreams, ugh – hate it when that happens) and that first line hit me like a punch in the gut and I almost started bawling my eyes out…before breakfast and all. Poor Sam and Henry.

    You’re a meanie for putting them through that, Addison 😉

    1. Sorry you had a bad night. 😞

      That first line is meant to be a punch in the gut since readers already know what’s about to happen. 🙂

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