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Flash Fiction Friday

To Love and To Cherish - CoverToday’s Flash Fiction Friday scene uses the two words left in the comments of last week’s post, plus the two from the previous week’s post (since I skipped last week):

yearning – heart – banana – holus-bolus 😁

I think it’s the right time of year to celebrate Nash and Emmitt’s first wedding anniversary, so this scene does that.

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Told from Nash’s 3rd-person POV:

To Love and To Cherish – Happy Anniversary!

“Happy Anniversary!” Emmitt’s smile was as wide as his tone was cheerful. He placed a huge bouquet of flowers on the kitchen island. Nash stood from the dining table where he’d been watching Percy and Grampy start a game of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and stepped over to greet him.

Nash moved into Emmitt’s open arms and kissed him. “I love you. Happy Anniversary!”

“Love you with all my heart,” Emmitt murmured.

Nash took a closer look at the arrangement in the vase. Orange, dark orange, and red roses combined beautifully with orange asiatic lilies, a couple other smaller stalks Nash couldn’t name, and subtle seasonal touches like millet and dried oak leaves. “It’s lovely. Thank you.”

After a surreptitious glance over Nash’s shoulder, presumably to make sure Percy and Grampy were sufficiently diverted by the game, Emmitt pulled Nash closer for another kiss.

When they broke apart, Nash giggled and whispered, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

They had a little time to spare before their dinner reservation. Maybe they could make an excuse to slip upstairs.

But Emmitt snorted a laugh. He reached into his pocket then pulled out a roll of quarters and placed it on the countertop. Oh. Quarters for the row of newspaper vending machines downstairs. It was part of Nash and Grampy’s routine—and good exercise for Grampy—to trek down there mid-morning to select some reading material each day.

At Nash’s ear, Emmitt breathed, “Later, sweetheart. We’ve all night.”

“But I’m burning, yearning, churning for you.” Nash thought he’d kept his voice to a low whisper, but apparently not soft enough.

“I don’t think I can stomach so much schmaltz holus-bolus,” Grampy snickered, but the twinkle in his eye, and the upward twitch at the corner of his lips belied his words.

Percy grinned and muttered something about finding an ointment for that “burning.”

Chuckling, Emmitt walked to his grandfather. “Never fear, you’ll always get your share.” He leaned down and planted an affectionate kiss to the upturned, weathered cheek.

Turning back to Nash, Emmitt added, “I’m going to change, then we can head out.” Those were his words, anyway. The slant to his eyebrows added, “Why don’t you follow me upstairs?”

The Capital Grille and Ragtime could wait. Nash winked at Percy, added a quick kiss to mingle with Emmitt’s on Grampy’s cheek, and followed Emmitt. “Nuts. I left the ticket printout on the dresser up there,” he added for good measure.

If the chortles behind him as he walked toward the stairs were any clue, he wasn’t fooling anybody.

Leave as many prompt words as you like in the comments, but I’ll only promise to use one from each contributor in next week’s post (although I’ll try to use them all).

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Flash Fiction Friday

5 thoughts on “#FlashFictionFriday 13-Oct-2017 – To Love and To Cherish #FlashFic #amwriting

  1. Awww, it’s fantastic!! I especially loved the “banana in the pocket”-thing!! I love Nash and Emmitt and Grampy happy sigh. A nice long scene, too. I must have been a very good girl 😁 ❤️

    I really admire you and all the flash fiction and extra scenes you write for the blog. I always think I should do the same, but I never seem to find inspiration for it. I have to try harder, I think.

    Anyway. Words for next week. Hmmm…”meatballs” and “breakfast” 😁

    1. ♡ Thank you! ♡

      This might be the first time I actually used the words the way you intended. I was in the mood for a fun/smushy scene with those guys, too. 😄

      You did a great one a while back with an image prompt. I used to use images instead of prompt words, but I ended up spending more time searching them out than writing the damn flashfic. Prompt words do more for me inspiration-wise anyway. My mind works in weird ways.

      Meatballs and breakfast, eh? That might be a job for Ben and Jerry. We’ll see what I’m in the mood for when I get to writing it. 😎

      1. Yeah, I might have to start collecting pictures again to see if I can find something inspiring. I could never do what you do with words that someone else gives you. That would not work for me 🙂

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