#FlashFictionFriday – Bonus Scene – Alt. POV – Nevermore (Snapshots)

Flash Fiction Friday

This is my not-quite-Flash-Fiction-Friday post, since although it’s a short scene, I didn’t use any word or image prompts like I usually do.

I’ve actually used the 3 prompt words left for me in the comments a couple weeks ago (as well as a few additional prompts), but that bit of flash will be posting elsewhere. Look for that holiday-themed scene featuring Harrison and Mason on Nell Iris’s blog on Thursday, December 14th.

I’ve still got a bonus scene for you, though. This one is an alternate POV scene for my short story Nevermore, which can be found in my collection, Snapshots.

You can find additional bonus scenes from the stories in Snapshots, here.

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This scene is told from Caesar’s 3rd-person POV:

Nevermore – Caesar's POV

Caesar shook off the cool ocean water as he trudged through the sand toward where his daughter Megan and her friend Rhonda sat under a beach umbrella, reading. He flopped on a towel and lay back with a forearm across his face.

Apparently, he hadn’t swum enough laps to the safety rope and back yet because his conversation with Raven last night pushed, once again, front and center. He sighed and squeezed his eyes shut. Would the man ever tell Caesar his real name or a phone number?

Raven gave off a simple closet-case vibe rather than that of a sleazy married man on the prowl for a little side-action. He was confident of that judgment.

“I look for you,” Raven had whispered last night when they lay sated in each other’s arms. For a moment, it had seemed like he might break through his self-imposed barrier, but he’d stopped short, keeping that closet door firmly closed. As encouraging as those words were, they weren’t enough. Keeping an eye out for each other at a particular bar wasn’t going to cut it long-term.

Much as Caesar had needed time to spread his wings after his divorce three years ago, he also recognized that deep down he wanted a committed relationship. He was a homebody at heart, and if he were forced to eventually decide between stability and Raven—

“I’m hungry,” Megan said. “Can we go to Red Robin for dinner?”

Caesar blinked and sat up. “Sure.” He patted his taut abs. “Yeah, I’m hungry, too.”

If nothing else, the activity would help him put Raven out of his mind for another week. Or two. Or three. Yeah, maybe it was time to turn his focus to someone else. The uncertainty of this relationship—if it could even be called that—was getting him down.

After gathering their stuff, he trailed after the girls as they headed down the beach toward the parking lot. Rhonda nudged Megan with an elbow and cocked her head toward a man lying on a towel with two children sitting nearby building a sand castle.

The girls whispered together for a moment, then Megan said, “Mr. Rhoads?”

Ah. Their history teacher this past year. Caesar stayed put while the girls circled around to face him.

Mr. Rhoads sat up. “Rhonda, Megan, how are you girls? Are you looking forward to high school this fall?”

Caesar snapped to attention at the sound of that voice. His perception had been skewed by the different surroundings, and the man’s lack of disguise—the spiked hair and guyliner he’d sported whenever Caesar had seen him at the bar—but Caesar recognized him now.

Warmth spread throughout his body, chasing away the melancholy that had so recently troubled him as Raven and the girls nattered on about the girls’ concerns about their upcoming freshman year of high school.

A quick glance confirmed a lack of wedding ring. Kids, though, so Raven was probably divorced, like himself. And a middle school teacher.

Between the young children, ex-wife, and job teaching children, it was easier to understand Raven’s caution, but still, there were laws in this state protecting him from being dismissed without cause, and his wife wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, either, if she tried to make his sexuality a custody issue.

Perhaps a little perspective and encouragement might be all that Raven needed. Somebody to talk it over with. Likely Raven was all alone in his closet without a sounding board. If nothing else, Caesar could now open a conversation and discover whether or not there was any hope of something real and open developing between them.

“We love the beach,” Rhonda told Raven. “Megan’s dad brought us here today.” She glanced at Caesar.

Raven stood and turned, putting out a hand to introduce himself. “Hello, I’m Ted Rhoads. Pleased to…” He froze with his mouth left hanging open when he finally focused on Caesar, and realization dawned.

A slow smile crept across Caesar’s face. After a brief expression of utter panic, a calmer, perhaps even mildly hopeful expression lit Raven’s—Ted’s—eyes.

Ted coughed and started again. “Hello, I’m Ted Rhoads. Pleased to meet you.”

Caesar took his proffered hand and shook it warmly. “I’m pleased to meet you, Ted. I’m Caesar Edwards, Megan’s father.” Pleased to finally and officially meet the real man.

Leave as many prompt words as you like in the comments, but I’ll only promise to use one from each contributor in next week’s post (although I’ll try to use them all).

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  1. I LOVE your alternative POV stories!! Gimme more! 🙂

    (And if you need an idea for another alternative POV story some time in the future…Photo Shoot. #justsayin’ 😁)

    Soooo…words for next week: moisturizer, camera, and bikini! Have fun 😉

    1. Thank you! As a matter of fact I was already considering one for Photo Shoot. “Camera would fit with that, and moisturizer would be easy enough to work in. Bikini might be a little harder. They might work better for another Photo Shoot bonus scene.

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