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Please join me in welcoming author Kris Sawyer to my blog! Kris is here today to tell us a bit about himself, his fantastic new release, and his writing process. Welcome, Kris! 💕


Book Title: Art by Adonis
Author: Kris Sawyer
Publisher: Self-published
Cover Artist: Sidney Lowell
Genre/s: Gay Romance, Contemporary
Length: 45000 words approx/ 210 pages

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It is a standalone story.

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When a man takes an unexpected turn and ends up where he isn’t supposed to be, his fate will bring him back to his own path. But when it happens to two people at the same time, their fates will interlink and their paths ultimately entwine.

Aidan Ross, artist extraordinaire meets Rick Mahoney when the man comes for an interview, except he is at the wrong one. Aidan wants him to be the inspiration for his next paintings so badly that he makes a tempting offer. But soon he realizes that he has a decision to make. Aidan can’t be certain whether it’s only the artist in him who is allured by Rick’s charming looks or if there is more than that.

When an unexpected job proposal is made, Rick has his own concerns, the main one being the fact he is in a wheelchair. Why would a renowned artist like Adonis want to paint him? But he is in dire need of a job and he finds it hard to say no to a handsome man like Aidan Ross.

Art by Adonis is a journey of two men, imperfect in their own way yet so perfect for each other.

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The models came and went. They auditioned, shared their portfolios and answered some of the questions Aidan asked. Some did impress him quite a lot, but somewhere his mind still compared them with the guy he’d bumped into earlier leaving him inexplicably with utter disappointment.

When the last guy had left, he watched as Kim’s head appeared through the half-open door. Kimberly Hobbs had worked for him for the past two years as his personal secretary. Ever since the beginning, they had bonded so well Kim knew exactly what Aidan wanted and it almost always got done before he could even tell her. She was in her mid-thirties and a mother of two, but she looked younger than his twenty seven years. Her blood red lipstick and brown hair tied up in a tight bun was the usual signature style she flaunted every single day.

“Do you know a Mr. Pattinson? I never saw him in any of your appointments, so I thought I’d ask.”

“Pattinson?” Aidan racked his brain to put any familiar face to that name but nothing came up. “No, why?”

“There’s a guy here. He says his name is Rick Mahoney and that Mr. Pattinson sent him for the interview.”

Aidan had no clue who Rick Mahoney was or a Mr. Pattinson for that matter. None of the names rang any bells. He made a hand gesture signaling Kim to let him in. “I might as well meet him and see if I can remember anything.” He told her and waited.

Kim moved aside and held the door open for Rick. “Mr. Mahoney, my boss will see you now.”

A familiar face came into view as Rick entered, wheeling his chair inside the room and Kim closed the door to give them some privacy. Aidan couldn’t help the grin that appeared on his face. Of course, he’d recognized this man. Not because he knew who Mr. Pattinson was – but Rick was the same guy he’d met earlier that day. “Hey, you’re the guy on the wrong floor.” He said it as a matter of fact. “Didn’t think we’d meet again so soon.” It was a pleasant surprise.

Rick seemed surprised too and a bit intimidated. “I’m sorry, Mr. Gilbert. I didn’t realize it was you who I ran into earlier.”

“Gilbert?” Aidan laughed. “I’m not Mr Gilbert. My name’s Aidan Ross and I’m an artist. I was interviewing male models here for my next set of paintings. I’m guessing you are here for that too?”

“No, no, no…” The color had drained from Rick’s face. “I’m not a model. I think I must have come to the wrong interview.” Aidan tried to concentrate on the words as Rick rambled on but his nervousness amused him more. He’s so cute. “Mr. Pattinson is the hotel manager and I came here for the bookkeeper’s job at the hotel. He told me I’d be interviewed by Mr. Gilbert on the tenth floor. I came here looking for him and I saw this lady talking to one guy about his interview. I assumed she was talking about Mr. Gilbert’s interview, so I asked and she brought me here to see you.” Ha! What are the odds? “I’m really sorry for the confusion, Mr. Ross. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

Aidan waved his hand dismissively and smiled. “No bother at all!”

Rick shook his head, refusing to look Aidan in the eye. “I’m sure you’ve loads of errands to run. I’ll get out of your way.”

“Hey, wait!” Aidan called out as Rick was about to turn, the suddenness astounded him. Aidan chuckled. “Don’t you think it’s amazing?”


“That we meet again so soon.” Aidan replied with the excitement he felt within him. “I mean I’ve wanted to see you again so badly. I knew it was totally impossible for us to run into each other again. And yet, here you are. I still can’t believe it!”

Rick furrowed his brows. “Why did you want to see me again?” He asked.

“Because I like you.” He said without any hesitation.


“Yes, I love the way you look. You are a specimen of male beauty in its rarest form.” Aidan grinned.

Rick’s face flushed. “That’s enough.”

“Look, I’m an artist and I don’t want to see such beauty going unnoticed. I want to paint you. I want to put you on my canvas and show it to the world.” He realized he was leaning over the desk too much and sat up straightening the slim tie he wore. “So will you let me? Draw you?”


☆ Author Interview ☆

Congratulations on your new release. Please tell us a little bit about it. What’s your favorite aspect or part of the story? Do you have a favorite character? Who/Why?

Thank you so much. It’s a great feeling every time I finish a book and put it for release. This one, especially, is very special. It took me a year to get it done by the way. But the journey it put me through was worth it.

The book is titled Art by Adonis follows the life story of a famous artist Aidan Ross a.k.a. Adonis – the artist. He is looking for a perfect model to inspire his next set of paintings and that’s when he accidentally comes across Rick Mahoney. It’s funny how they meet because Rick is not even supposed to be there. But, it just works and Aidan finds his inspiration in this gorgeous guy who happens to be on a wheelchair. That’s the aspect of the story I was proud of because it shows how fate just intervenes to make things right in your life and you’re left amazed by it.

My favorite character from the book would be Aidan. He is just so hot, smart and sexy that I enjoyed having him in my head narrating the story to me.

Are you a planner or a pantser? How much do you know about your story before you start writing? How often does your plan change? Why does this work best for you?

I am somewhere in the middle. Not entirely a planner but I like to plan at least how my first half of the story is going to be and know the conflicts that will make my characters’ lives hell. But I never know how my story is going to end. I let the characters decide their fates by their own actions.

What are your favorite genres when it comes to your own pleasure reading? Do you prefer to read ebooks or print?

My favorite genre has to be mystery. The second favorite that comes very close to being my most favorite is fantasy. I prefer reading my favorite authors’ works only in a paperback form – no settling there. But I am not against ebooks. They’re totally cool too.

How do you select the names of your characters?

They just come to me. Sometimes I come across a first name that catches my attention and I’m like hey, that’d be a great name for my character. For my Alpha’s Warlock series, I did google up names for the character Clyde though because I wanted a very unique and manly name for my werewolf. But the other character in the book, Terry, is the name of a person I met online once.

What was your favorite toy growing up?

Barbie dolls. LOL. Yeah, I’m a guy who used to play with dolls 😛 And I used to hide my dolls (yes, multiple at times!) from my parents for the obvious reasons. It was both scary and exciting haha… but then I grew out of it. No dolls now. I swear.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla! I like to keep it simple.

Where would you most like to go on a future vacation?

Europe. Which I am going this June/July. I’m going to attend Euro Pride Con in Amsterdam this year. If any of you are attending, don’t be shy to come up to me and say hi. I’m a hugger too!

About the Author

Kris Sawyer is the pseudonym of Sid Love, who has written several books in the M/M Romance genre but with the Alpha’s Warlock series, he intends to introduce a new world of supernatural beings that will intrigue the readers.

Sawyer grew up in one of busiest cities in the world, Mumbai, listening to the excerpts of Indian epics from his father every night. He is a Potter-head and loves a good mystery in the books he reads.

Alpha’s Warlock is Sawyer’s dream project that he’s been working on forever!

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