#RainbowSnippets 12-May-2018 – The Recruit

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I’m snipping from The Recruit, a 21k-word novella due out at JMS Books on June 16. For context, Phillip has been selected for recruit by the local vampire faction. He was approached by Albert while walking in the park, and an offer to join the vampires’ ranks has been extended.


Albert Manlii has walked this earth for more than two thousand years, but survival on his own was never easy. Now he leads a faction of highly organized vampires who carefully guard the secret of their existence. Unlike the old days, potential recruits are carefully selected and presented with an offer.

Phillip Brewer has weeks to live—if he lets his disease run its course. He doesn’t want to die, but given a choice, will his desire to live outweigh his concerns about the vampires’ ethics?

When the new recruit’s missteps are cause for concern, can Albert control the fallout, or will Phillip’s life once again be torn apart?

If you want a refresher of last week’s snippet, starting this thread, click the spoiler tag, below:

The Recruit – 5-May-2018

Told from Phillip’s 3rd-person POV.

This Week’s Snippet:

The Recruit – 12-May-2018

But did it turn him off from wanting to become one of them? Knowing that, despite Albert’s words, they weren’t entirely above killing people to protect their secret?

Killing someone who was dying anyway wasn’t a valid excuse in a court of law. But could it pass his own ethical bar?

If he’d wanted to let his disease run its course, he’d have had maybe another two weeks to live. Personally, he felt they would be doing him a favor, but there were people who would have wanted to hang on to every last minute.

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