*** EDIT *** DATE EXTENDED > AUG 4 *** Final Hours for this #Fundraiser #Auction and #Giveaway

Cree Storm is running a fundraiser to benefit Dylan, Angela Campbell‘s son. The event started last week and finishes up at the end of the day (USA Eastern Daylight Time) on Wednesday, August 1.

*** EDIT *** The date of the event has been extended to Saturday, August 4 at 9PM USA Eastern Daylight Time (note: that’s for both the auction items and my giveaways) ***

The pinned post at the top of the main event lists the permalinks to the auction posts. Here’s the main event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2002307100081910/?active_tab=discussion

You can also scroll down the discussion tab to browse the auction listings, where you’ll also find author takeover posts (four 1/2-hour blocks each evening of the event).

My contribution, auction package #32 (pictured above), is up and taking bids. It includes 5 signed paperbacks (although only 3 are pictured) along with some other nice gifts and swag items.


  • (Retail $15.50) Signed copy of ’Til Death Do Us Part (print version also includes From This Day Forward)
  • (Retail $14.50) Signed copy of To Love and To Cherish
  • (Retail $13.50) Signed copy of Cultivating Love
  • (Retail $13.50) Signed copy of Closets Are for Clothes
  • (Retail $13.50) Signed copy of Snapshots
  • (Retail $10.99) Women’s-sized socks from Blue-Q (“Fuck off, I’m reading.”)
  • (Retail $9.99, discontinued) Floral messenger bag from Blue-Q
  • (Retail $6.00) Signed poster from Sophie LaBelle of Assigned Male Comics (“You don’t get to decide whether something you said hurt me or not.”)
  • (Effing Priceless) Swag items including a signed short story booklet (Captain Jack and the Snack Attack), a drawstring bag/backpack, bookmarks, pens, notepads, an envelope opener, a rainbow silicone wristband, and some naughty candy.

Here are the permalinks to my AUCTION LISTING and my takeover posts that have GIVEAWAYS open through the end of the auction:


GIVEAWAY. Follow the link and add a comment telling me what 3 items you would want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island:

GIVEAWAY. Follow the link and add a comment telling me about your favorite tropes:

GIVEAWAY. Follow the link and add a comment telling me yay or nay on the topic of expanded 2nd editions:

GIVEAWAY. Follow the link and add a comment guessing how many pieces of popcorn are in the pictured bowl:


2 thoughts on “*** EDIT *** DATE EXTENDED > AUG 4 *** Final Hours for this #Fundraiser #Auction and #Giveaway

    1. Thank you! It’s currently at $26, which is a fraction of the retail value, but better than nothing. Every little bit helps! 💞

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