#FlashFictionFriday #FlashFic – Misadventures with Lucas and Josh (Reintroducing Midnight Encounter, Part 2)

Misadventures with Lucas and Josh

Misadventures with Lucas and Josh (444x666)

Originally named “Midnight Encounter,” but in keeping with the naming convention of the rest of my flash fiction groupings with recurring characters, I’m renaming this collection, “Misadventures with Lucas and Josh.”

Note: the name Henry was used in the original flashfic, but I’ve changed that name to Lucas (since I now use the name Henry for a main character in one of my books). This is the second of two (reworked) parts that introduce these characters. I hope to continue their story.

Part 2 incorporates this list of prompt words:

thunderstorm – condo – purple – antique – frantic – ridiculous – preserves – regeneration – Excalibur – elbow – doppelganger – schadenfreude

Here’s an easy look at Part 1 in case you missed it last week (the heat rating gets up there with this first part, so there’s a spoiler dropdown to click…only if you’re 18 or older).

Midnight Encounter – Part 1

Lucas had to admit, Paul had thrown one hell of a party. He turned up his collar and picked up his pace. The air was heavy with typical Louisiana humidity, and he knew a rain cloud when he saw one, even if it was midnight and dark as pitch. It was more what he couldn’t see—the stars or the full moon that should be out—that gave away the clouds, and it just…felt like rain was coming.

He turned down a path that would take him through the park. The crunch of his footsteps sounded loud as he hurried along the shortcut toward his apartment.

As he scurried through the dim light of the streetlight illuminating the picnic area, someone called out behind him. “Hey! Lucas, isn’t it?”

Lucas didn’t recognize the voice but stopped and turned toward the spot where it had originated. A shadowy figure stepped into the light. Lucas didn’t recognize the man and took a step back. He turned his head, quickly scanning both directions down the path. Empty. He shivered. How had the man known his name?

The man spoke again. “Yeah, you’re him. You were at Paul’s party.”

Relief flooded through Lucas, and he put a hand to his chest. Paul knew the guy. Now that he mentioned it, Lucas did remember seeing him earlier on at the party. The man had left soon after Lucas had arrived, though.

“How’d you know my name? We weren’t introduced.”

The man smiled. “Asked Paul about you.”

“You did?”



“Thought you were cute.”

Cute? Fuck that. “Cute” wasn’t exactly the look he was going for. The guy cocked an eyebrow, waiting for Lucas to speak. “Paul didn’t mention it.”

“I told him not to.” Why? Apparently, the look on Lucas’s face asked the question for him. The stranger laughed. “Wanted to surprise you.”

“Surprise me? Here? In the park?” Lucas took another step back. “How do you know Paul anyway, and what’s your name?”

“Work, Josh, and calm down babe, I don’t bite—well, not unless that’s what you’re into.”

“Babe” wasn’t going to get this guy any further than “cute.” The fact that Lucas was horny as fuck and Josh was hotter than hell might, though. “Not into biting.” Figured he’d get that cleared up right away.

Damn Josh had a killer grin, but Lucas managed to suppress his inner gasp. “So what are you into?” Josh asked.

“With assholes who waylay me in the park at midnight? ’Fraid that’s one scenario I’ve never encountered before.”

“Too bad. It’s fun.”

“Didn’t say I wouldn’t consider it. Just haven’t done it before.”

“How ’bout we just keep things simple then.” Josh cocked his head, beckoning Lucas toward the darkness.

Lucas gnawed his lower lip. Josh was a friend of Paul. But still….

His hesitation didn’t go unnoticed. “I promise I won’t bite.”

“How about strangle or stab? I’m not into those either.”

“Jesus, I didn’t bring a resumé, but you can call Paul if you want.”

Fuck it. Lucas shrugged it off. “Never mind, it’s cool.” Hopefully he’d live to not regret that decision to let lust rule over reason.

Lucas tried to look confident as he closed the distance between them. Josh took his hands and leaned toward his ear to whisper, as if he’d read Lucas’s thoughts. “You won’t regret this, Lucas. You’ll think about it…relive it in your mind…but you’ll never regret it.”

Josh’s warm voice sent a shiver down Lucas’s spine despite the oppressive pre-storm heat. The lure of potential danger—while knowing deep down, that due to Josh’s connection with Paul, he was safe—was heady. Josh squeezed Lucas’s hand and led him through the picnic area, reaching out to take something off the wooden table as they passed by.

At the edge of a little grove of trees, just outside the circle of light beaming down from overhead, Josh stopped, turned, and bowed. Now what?

Standing straight again, and grinning a quirky little smile, Josh presented him with a single rose bud. A flower of all things. Nobody had ever given him a flower before.

“Thank you.” Lucas took the blossom and sniffed it. It smelled…well, like a rose bud. Probably. How would Lucas know? It was probably a mistake to add to the sensory overload that was short-circuiting his brain, but he was already mesmerized.

Josh leaned over and softly kissed Lucas’s lips while brushing his fingertips along Lucas’s jaw. “Told you I wouldn’t bite.”

Lucas smiled. “I might not object to a nibble or two.”

Josh laughed and tugged him toward the trees. “Good. I’ll keep that in mind.”

They stopped just a few yards inside the tree line, and Lucas found himself backed up to the rough bark of a tree. Lucas couldn’t see anything, but he could feel Josh’s body pressing in hard, and he could taste the salt on Josh’s skin as he ran his tongue along the man’s jawline.

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Josh moaned and ground his hips in against Lucas’s. Lucas trembled with relief at the evidence Josh was every bit as turned on as he was. Sweat trickled down his back as Lucas dropped the thorny flower and clamped his hands down onto firm, worn denim-covered butt cheeks, pulling Josh in.

“Lucas,” Josh murmured right before he placed his mouth over Lucas’s and pressed in hard. Tongues clashing, chests and pelvises grinding, Lucas was trapped in a crush between the rough tree and that unrelenting hard body.

Lucas’s leg came up as if it had a mind of its own to wind around Josh’s thighs. A minute turned into five, and Lucas’s erection ached like nothing he’d ever experienced before. His head fell back with a groan when Josh finally broke their kiss to nip and suck along his neck. Pressure built in Lucas’s balls, and he gasped, “Fuck, Josh … I’ve gotta fucking come.”

Josh moved his hands to Lucas’s waist. The weight against Lucas’s chest let up as those warm hands slid inside his shirt, up his abs, until the palms covered his nipples.

Lucas cried out when those merciless fingers twisted his nipples, then quivered as Josh’s hot breath puffed across the sensitive skin at his ear. “So, fucking come, Lucas. Now.”

“Fuck!” The throbbing pain in his nipples shot down his spine to his balls, and spunk filled his briefs. Christ, he hadn’t even gotten his pants down. Lucas trailed his arms up Josh’s back, holding on tight as his knees weakened.

“Mmm.” Josh sucked at a spot high on his neck. Lucas winced. That was going to leave a mark, but he was beyond caring enough to do anything about it.

Josh—fuck—Lucas still needed to take care of Josh. Lucas popped the snap on Josh’s jeans and yanked down the zipper. Josh lost no time helping out, shoving the jeans down to his thighs.

Lucas slipped down past the waistband of Josh’s briefs and wrapped his hand around Josh’s erection. Josh groaned into his neck. “Yeah, Lucas. Tight. Just like that.” Lucas stroked as Josh’s mouth found his again. Josh gripped the sides of Lucas’s face and pumped erratically into his fist. Clearly, he was close. Lucas’s other hand moved back to Josh’s ass, kneading.

“Don’t stop,” Josh gasped. “Yeah…like that.”

Of course Lucas didn’t stop. He sped up as Josh first pushed his tongue into Lucas’s mouth again, then froze and jerked with a loud groan.

“Oh God, Lucas. Fuck yes.” Josh relaxed against him for a moment before straightening to pull up his pants and flash that cheesy grin.


“Will I see you again?” Lucas asked. “Or are you just into setting up random crazy rendezvous like this?”

“Oh, I’d like to see you again. You’re a good sport.” Josh wiggled his eyebrows. “Paul got your number?”


“Good. I’ll call you.”

Then Josh stepped back into the darkness and was gone. Lucas swung his head side to side, searching. “Josh?”

Where the hell had Josh gone? Fuck, Lucas was standing there alone in the dark wearing sticky pants with a sticky damned hand and sweat dripping down his back.

Lucas sighed and bent down to pick up his flower. He sniffed it then walked back to the path. The first fat drop of water fell from the sky and landed on his nose. “Great.” He sighed and shifted to a jog. If his luck held, maybe he’d make it home before the deluge.

And here’s Part 2:

Midnight Encounter – Part 2

“Yeah, Josh can call me. I told him he could.” Lucas’s tongue darted out to catch the dab of grape preserves on his lip, but missed. He dropped both the phone and his sandwich as the glob landed and slid down the side of his white shorts, leaving a purple streak. “Damn it.”

“What? What’s going on?” Lucas could just make out Paul’s voice. He sighed and picked up the phone, but left the sandwich. The ten second rule did not apply during shedding season. Furball came over to sniff the PB&J.

“Sorry. Dropped the phone,” he told Paul. “Anyway, yeah, Josh said he’d get my number from you.”

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure you wanted me to give out your number.”

“Sure. You know him, right? He’s okay? I mean, he’s a bit different, but that was fun.”

“Yeah, he’s cool.”

“Hey, I’ve gotta go. Got a mess to clean up here. Great party, by the way.” At least, it had been a great party up until Bryan had cornered him and drunkenly rambled on about regeneration, or reincarnation, or some such off-the-wall topic. When Edward had joined them and started in with his dumbass stories dripping with schadenfreude that would only be funny to fellow asshats, Lucas had become downright frantic to get the hell out of there.

“Thanks. Yeah, I’m still picking up from that. Why are all my friends such slobs? Seriously, I’ve got coasters everywhere, but now there’s a ring on my antique coffee table.”

The antique coffee table Lucas had put a cold beer bottle down on? He mumbled something about inconsiderate people and hung up the phone.

He’d barely gotten the floor wiped up when the phone vibrated in his pocket. He tossed the grubby paper towels toward the trash and looked at the caller ID. Not a number he recognized, but he pressed to answer the call. “Yeah?”

“Lucas?” The familiar voice had a cheerful tone. “Hey, it’s Josh. Remember? From last night?”

How could he forget? He’d hoped Josh would truly follow up with the promised call, but he hadn’t gotten his hopes up. “Yeah, don’t be ridiculous. Of course I remember.”

Josh laughed. “I try to be memorable.”

Lucas grinned reflexively. “You were memorable all right.”

“Great. How about a memorable afternoon to add to it?”

“What? Today? Like, right now?”

“Sure. You doing anything? I feel like going over to the Excalibur for some go-carting.”

Lucas hadn’t been go-carting since he was a kid. It sounded fun, though. “Okay. But isn’t there a good chance of another thunderstorm this afternoon?”

“Well, if it does we’ll play laser tag inside, instead.”

Awesome. Lucas liked Josh’s idea of a date. If it was a date. He assumed it was a date. “Okay. Where do you want to meet up?”

“Come over to my condo. We’ll head out together from here.” Josh gave him the address and they arranged to meet in a couple hours.

* * *

The door swung open and a wide grin spread across Josh’s face. “Well hello there.” He looked Lucas up and down as if he’d never seen him before. It had been dark in the park, but seriously, this was a bit much. “Nice.”

Heat crept up Lucas’s face. “Uh, thanks. You look nice too.”

An eyebrow quirked up on the handsome face. “Yeah? Maybe Josh’ll share you with me.”

Lucas blinked. Either Josh had a doppelganger, or his sense of humor was even weirder than Lucas had given him credit for.

Josh—the real Josh—stepped into view. “Jeremy, keep your hands off. He’s mine.” When Josh reached them, he took hold of Lucas’s elbow possessively. “Hey, Lucas. As I imagine you’ve figured out, this is my twin brother, Jeremy.”

Lucas swallowed. Hard. “Yeah, I was starting to catch that drift.”

“Lucas thinks I look nice. He told me so.”

Josh rolled his eyes. “He thought you were me. Hands off. He’s cool. I kinda like him.”

“Don’t you think Lucas should have a say?”

Josh’s jawline hardened. “Fine.” He turned and faced Lucas. “So, do you just want to play around with Jeremy, too, or are you interested in getting to know me and see what happens?”

Lucas’s mouth dropped open, but it was an easy decision. Josh was quirky in a fun way. Jeremy was…cocky. Lucas smiled and answered. “Just you.”

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