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My Kind of Man by AG Silver

Note: AG Silver is a pseudonym for JJ Harper

Length: 228 pages on Kindle

Genres: M/M Erotic Romance, Age Play Kink

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Michael knows what he wants. He wants a daddy.

When yet another attempt at a relationship fails, Michael decides to find himself his daddy. The one man that will care for him, nurture him, and love him for who he is. Twenty-six-year-old and successful in his career, Michael knows he’s missing out on life. He’s a quiet, introverted man with desires that seem too far out of his reach. Until he goes to Escape one night.

Callum is tired of being lonely. He has everything to offer the right man.

When forty-year-old Callum is encouraged to visit Escape, his hopes are high, but his expectancy of finding the perfect man is low until he sees a young man nervously looking around the club. Everything about him ticks Callum’s boxes. Shorter than his six-foot frame with blond curls that cry out to be stroked, and a look of anxious longing on his face. Callum is transfixed.

With only a few words exchanged, the two men are hooked, eager to explore everything they have ever dreamed of. Is this a life they can fulfil, or will they find too many obstacles in their way?

My Kind of Man is an age-play story and contains M/M sexual content, spankings, age play, ABDL.


Excerpt One of Two – MICHAEL

No one else catches my eye, so I finish my drink. Another wasted evening. Maybe I’m just not what men want in a little one. Placing my glass on the bar, I swivel back to the main room, resigned to go home. There, standing only a couple of feet away, is the hot daddy. He watches me intently, his dark brown eyes roaming my body.

“I hope you’re not leaving,” he states as he gets closer.

I swallow hard and instinctively lower my eyes. “Um…yes, Sir, I was about to,” I stammer, sounding a complete dork.

“That’s a shame.” He shakes his head. “I was about to offer you a drink.”

“O…Oh, I…I guess I can stay.” I stumble over my words but manage to smile shyly.

“Excellent. Would you like to join me at my table? My companion has left and I, too, am alone.” When he holds out his hand, I let him clasp mine. Fireworks shooting up my arm make me gasp as my eyes catch his. I choke at the sensation, and my face floods with heat as I blush.

“What would you like to drink?” he asks as he contemplates my reactions to him. “Or would you rather I choose for you?” A simple question, but it seems to imply so much more.

“I’ll let you decide,” I answer quietly.

I wait as he speaks to the bartender who nods and smiles.

“Come along. He’ll have them brought over.” His hand releases mine, only to move to my back. With a soft, but firm hand, he touches the inch of bare skin between my pants and my T-shirt, setting the nerves in my body alight. Will he feel what else I’m wearing? Will he like it? Then his hand travels farther south, onto my bottom. He hesitates for a fraction of a second and then pats it gently. I know he’s happy with what he felt.

We sink down on a dark red, plush velvet seat. It’s a good job I’m small. There is no way we would’ve fit otherwise. The image of me sitting on his knee flashes in my head, and it’s so real I stifle a moan of need. Turning to face me, his eyes blazing as he acknowledges the slight sound, he takes hold of my hand again.

“My name is Callum. What’s yours?” he asks gently. I think he’s trying not to frighten me off.

“Um, Michael.” My voice is soft, breathless, as he looks me over. Flushing again, I duck my head.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Michael. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

“No, this is my first time.”

~ ~ ~

Excerpt Two of Two – CALLUM

I check my watch—for the twentieth time in two minutes—then stare at the door, willing Michael to walk in. It’s Wednesday evening, and this is our second date. Lunch on Sunday was a delight. Michael is as smart as he is adorable. We sat and talked for hours as he chattered about everything and anything. He takes great pleasure in teasing me, showing me the playful side of the little he so obviously is. He is perfect for me. Now I merely have to persuade him I’m the best daddy for him.

As I look at my watch again, the hostess approaches the table with Michael at her side. “Your guest,” she announces, and I stand, thanking her but unable to take my eyes of the divine man standing in front of me.

“Michael, please, have a seat.” We have a secluded booth, and I hope he’ll choose to sit next to me. I’d like to try and recapture the moments we had at the club, maybe not with the sippy cup but with me being in charge more. It’s time to assert my Daddy-self.

“I’m sorry I’m a little bit late. I set an alarm on my phone to stop working. Then an important call came in, and I couldn’t leave it. I’m sorry.” Michael really does look very sorry, as if he’s disappointed with himself.

“That’s okay, Michael, thank you for explaining. Would you like to relax tonight and let me take charge? I’m sure you could do with some downtime.”

“Yes, thank you, Da…Callum.” He blushes when he realizes what he was going to call me.

“Excellent, now, come and sit a bit closer to me, please,” I instruct him, and he happily complies. I pat his thigh reassuringly and enjoy the shudder that runs through him at my touch.

The server comes over and introduces himself as Robbie. “Can I get you gentlemen something to drink while you look at the menu?”

“Thank you, yes. I would like a glass of Chardonnay and a sparkling mineral water for my partner.” I give the order quickly and easily, even though Robbie falters a little and looks over to Michael for his approval.

“I’ll bring them over.” He turns and speedily scuttles back to the bar.


Meet the Author

AG writes the kinkier side of M/M novels. She’s never happier than when she’s lost with the men in her head as they chatter away telling her what she should be writing. Her stories may have you cursing and crying as she makes her characters work hard for their happy ever after, but they will always get there in the end.

Most of the time AG is hanging out with JJ Harper, sharing a bottle of wine, as they work out who is going to write the next story.

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