BLACK FRIDAY SUPER SALE at JMS Books – #Sale #Discount

💞 60% Oᖴᖴ EOOK 📚 $8 ᑭᗩᑭEᖇᗷᗩᑕK 💞

🥰ᖴᖇI. & ᔕᗩT. OᑎᒪY! ← 🥰

This is the perfect opportunity to try a new-to-you author, or to catch up on your favorite authors’ backlists, or to purchase paperbacks of your favorite books!

Here’s a screenshot of my JMS shopping cart. So far. I’ll probably add to it before I check out:

Click here to go to the page for Addison’s books at JMS

Click here for JMS Books’ anthology, 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance (includes The Contingency Plan plus 9 more fabulous short stories and novelettes)

Preorders are included, and I’ve got four—yes four—of them!

1-Dec-2018Déjà Vu

29-Dec-20182018 Top Ten Gay Romance (includes The Contingency Plan plus 9 more fabulous short stories and novelettes)

5-Jan-2019The Choice (book 2 in The Faction series)

9-Feb-2019Okay, Then (JMS Hot Flash – a short prequel to ’Til Death Do Us Part detailing Sam & Henry’s first date.

4 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY SUPER SALE at JMS Books – #Sale #Discount

  1. I bought 10 books for less than 11 bucks! All of yours, of course! (except for the Top 10 one, I figure I’ll get it for free 🙂 ) And also Return to Sender from your list. It’s so much fun, I’m considering going in for more 🙂

    1. I’ve already checked out 3 times! First I cleared out what I’d put in my cart days ago, then I went back and grabbed more recently updated coming soon stories with Snowed In and Hot Flash covers that I’d forgotten to look for before checking out the first time, then I realized I’d somehow missed your French songs book (I blame the temporary generic cover…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) so I went in for a third time! I didn’t order the Top 10 either. Like you said, we’ll get the freebie. ❤️

      1. Ugh yeah, I was a little iffy about adding the coverless book, because personally I wouldn’t buy a book without a cover unless it was my favorite author maybe. But I decided to do it after all. I almost missed The Choice because of the temporary cover thing, so I understand and believe you 😉

        1. Exactly. I probably should’ve gone into your name to make sure I had them all instead of just going down the recent and coming soon lists. Got it all in the end, though. 😁

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