CYBER MONDAY SALE at JMS Books – #Sale #Discount

💞 30% Oᖴᖴ EOOK 💞

🥰 → ᔕᑌᑎ. & ᗰOᑎ. OᑎᒪY! ← 🥰

Woo! Whether you missed the Black Friday sales or just want to come back for more, here’s your chance! Deep discounts have been extended!

I’m going to have to go back in for another pass. I’ve already completed my collection of favorites Nell Iris, Sarah Hadley Brook, T.A. Creech, Kass Barrow, and Ruby Moone. I think I’ll sift through some more new-to-me authors, looking for the next addition to my favorites pile. I might also work on further expanding my collection from the amazing backlists of J.D. Walker and J.M. Snyder!😍

Click here to go to the page for Addison’s books at JMS

Click here for JMS Books’ anthology, 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance (includes The Contingency Plan plus 9 more fabulous short stories and novelettes)

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