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I’m so excited about my upcoming new book release! The Choice (book 2 in the faction series) will be out on January 5!

Since I don’t have any release blitz posts scheduled for today, I figured I’d give you a glimpse of my vampire stories instead. This first excerpt is from book 1, The Recruit:

Excerpt - The Recruit

“Green, I think.” Willis walked around Phillip, looking him up and down. Willis had shown up at Ivan and Eunice’s apartment moments earlier, declared, “Darling! You are the perfect blank slate!” and had proceeded to circle Phillip as Ivan made a hasty introduction.

Ivan and Eunice, as it turned out, were a couple. Albert hadn’t exaggerated when he’d said something about accommodating the members’ wishes. Apparently, that extended beyond job preferences, and into their off-duty lives.

It also answered his question about sex. They were two of the kissingest people he’d ever met. Every damned time they passed each other, a peck—at a bare minimum—happened, and they’d made zero effort to censor themselves in bed last night.

“Green what?” Phillip’s chin rose. He was rather proud of how hearty his voice sounded this morning. All yesterday, he’d continually ceased breathing, and his voice had been feeble at best, using the trifling amount of air that had been left in his lungs after his last effort.

Shortly after he’d arrived at Ivan and Eunice’s apartment, a couple of staid types had shown up to debrief him on all manner of details about his life, although they’d already seemed to know an inordinate amount about it. The grilling had been exhausting, and they’d seemed particularly interested in why he’d strolled through Albert’s neighborhood that one day. They’d appeared to be pleased to hear it had been a random one-off.

But he was finally getting the swing of the whole breathing thing. Maybe it helped that he felt significantly better today, not as damned tired as he’d felt the rest of yesterday, and less freaked out by the whole “holy shit, I’m a fucking vampire” thing. Because, really, these people were so…ordinary. Still, he missed Albert.

“Eyes, darling,” Willis said. “For the new you.”

A woman, who’d been introduced as Mona, stood back as she studied him with her head tilted to the side, then she rifled through the pile of clothing she’d dumped on the table and held up various items, one after another.

Phillip turned to Willis. “You can change my eye color?”

“Cosmetic colored contacts, sweet thing. That’s just the beginning of your transformation. You’ll be amazed how successful the Clark Kent/Superman effect can be when it’s put on steroids.”

Perhaps. He could see that working in an enormous city like this, especially if he took care to avoid the parts of the city where he’d lived and hung out in the past, but not a chance in the small town where he’d grown up.

But Phillip liked his laidback appearance—his baggy clothing and loose shoulder-length, wash-and-go hair. Colored contacts were one thing, but…“What are you planning to do?”

“A complete makeover, of course. I’ll accommodate your preferences as much as I can, darling, but you can hardly walk around the city looking like Phillip Brewer, now, can you?”

Phillip glanced at Mona and winced as she held up a pair of skinny jeans. Obviously, that extended to his clothing choices, too.

“Are you going to cut my hair?”

“I can see you’re attached to your long hair. Never fear, sweet thing. I am nothing if not considerate. We’ll keep some length—on top, anyway. I’m leaning toward a sexy undercut. And highlights and lowlights will do amazing things for your hair color.” Willis handed him a contacts case. “Pop these in, and let’s take a look, shall we?”

Willis held up a hand mirror as Phillip applied the contacts. “I like them,” he said. They weren’t nearly as bright as he’d thought colored contacts would be. They simply gave his brown eyes a hint of color. He looked different without standing out, which seemed to be the name of the game.

“Perfect,” Willis said. He held up a pair of eyeglasses, black rectangular Ray-Ban frames with clear non-prescription lenses.

Phillip put them on and looked in the mirror. Between the eye color and the glasses, it was a good start. Clark Kent effect, indeed. He echoed his earlier reply. “I like them.”

Willis chuckled. “I love you already, darling. You’re so easy!”

And here’s one from book 2, The Choice

Excerpt - The Choice

Albert tipped up Neil’s chin for a brief, gentle kiss that spoke more of his love for Neil than words could have done. Albert’s finger traced Neil’s jawline, while his eyes begged for understanding. Then he opened the door, and they stepped into the apartment.

The room, like the hall and stairs leading to it, was unlike most of the vampire-owned apartment buildings. At least, it was unlike the ones Neil had visited. This building was a loft conversion that had once been something else—a small warehouse or office building perhaps. The point that stood out to Neil was the highly polished concrete floor. The better to easily clean up DNA should the need arise?

Cameron and Dennis sat peacefully on steel stools in the otherwise-unfurnished vestibule. Doorways to the living areas were closed. If Neil were to guess, he’d say those doors contained heavy-duty soundproofing—a buffer between the apartment’s entryway and the outside walls and windows.

Cameron looked much the same as Neil remembered him. His dirty blond hair was subtly highlighted and cut short. Dennis had thick, straight, light brown hair, longer than Cameron’s, especially on top. Both pairs of brown eyes stared obliviously.

Four others stood waiting. Two men and two women. Vampires, obviously, although Neil wouldn’t have guessed that by their appearances, only by the fact they were there.Albert quickly made the introductions. April and Lester had been on the street following them and communicating with Albert. Vinny and Bridget lived here.

“They’re prepped?” Albert asked.Vinny nodded.

Albert glanced at Neil. “We have a tendency to inadvertently, and quite literally, scare the piss out of people, so it makes sense to have them ‘go’ while still under the influence.”

Neil winced. That did seem like a wise move, though, whether it was so the two could walk away inconspicuously or to minimize potential DNA on the scene. Knowing these vampires as he did, the fact that action would help the pair retain their dignity wasn’t just a collateral benefit but was part of their reason for doing it.

They would come around soon. Neil had been told that people didn’t remember their time under, and the effects of the “zombie” beam were short lived. Only about ten to fifteen seconds so as not to raise lingering questions from those who’d been hit by it or from those witnessing a single “dose.” It was meant to be a safety net for escape from sticky situations, activated by a simple swipe of a thumbnail through a groove at the bottom of an inconspicuous ring. But it could be repeatedly triggered in circumstances such as this when a longer stretch was needed.

Neil had once asked if the vampires had the technology to wipe memories beyond simply not creating new ones while in that catatonic state. Having a “flashy thing” gadget à la the Men in Black movie could’ve solved many potential problems. The answer had been a disappointing “no.” The ability to target a choice of time periods, let alone certain memories, was virtually impossible.

Cameron came around first with rapid blinks.

“Please stay seated, Cameron,” Albert said. “We have no intention of hurting you, but we do need to talk.”

Cameron blanched, and his gaze locked onto Neil.

Neil held the look, and his cheek twitched as he strove to maintain a neutral expression since he had no idea what tact the experienced vamps would take.

Albert repeated his comment to Dennis when the man presented his own series of blinks.

“All right.” Albert looked back and forth between the two men. “I won’t ask why you were following me and Neil, because I already know. So let’s not play games, shall we?”

Cameron gulped but remained silent and wide-eyed.

Dennis muttered, “I fucking knew it,” and received an elbow to the ribs courtesy of Cam.

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