Rainbow Snippets – January 5, 2019 – The Choice

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This week I’m snipping from The Choice, book 2 in my vampire trilogy, that’s out today!

This is a scene from Chapter 4. Two people, Dennis and Cameron, have become a risk to the vampire faction, threatening to expose them. They are being presented with a choice. Join them—and have as much to lose by exposure as the existing vamps—or die. In this scene, faction leader Albert is confronting them.

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From Albert’s 3rd-person POV:

The Choice: 8-December-2018

Dennis’s face flushed. “Look—”

No,” Albert barked. “You look. I’m sure you especially understand why we can’t trust you under these circumstances to just go on your merry way, so don’t insult us by trying to manipulate me.” Albert stared pointedly at Dennis and put up a hand, thumb and forefinger millimeters apart. “You were this close to not getting the offer. And I am this close to revoking it. This isn’t a case where trust is the default and yours to lose. It’s yours to earn.”

The color drained from Dennis’s face. Maybe he finally got it and understood the seriousness of his situation.

The Choice: 15-December-2018

Neil stiffened beside Albert and hung his head for a few beats. When he looked up again, he peered at Cameron. “I’m so sorry I screwed up when I ran into you. It was my very first day out on my own, and…well, there’s no good excuse.”

Cameron bit his lip, and his head faintly bobbed. He didn’t speak, wisely holding back whatever he might have wanted to say. Dennis held in his words, too, but let out what could best be described as an under-his-breath snort.

The Choice: 22-December-2018

Albert clenched a fist. “What’s the matter, Dennis? You think your situation is so awful that a sincere apology for the minor misstep Neil made that you snowballed into this predicament isn’t good enough? Uh-uh.” Albert shook his head. “Let me tell you a story…two millennia ago, before I’d ever seriously considered vampires truly existed, when I was human and a Roman soldier”—Albert ignored Dennis’s gasp and continued without pausing—“my best friend couldn’t take the horror and cruelty of the battles anymore. He went AWOL. He was captured. Do you know what happened to Roman soldiers in my division who tried to escape?”

The Choice: 29-December-2018

Albert paused, staring at Dennis until the man managed a terse shake of his head.

“No? Do you further know what would’ve happened to me if I’d refused to carry out the order to crucify him? There would’ve been two of us hanging there instead of one.” Albert silently counted to five while the humans in front of him quaked at the visual he’d presented. Neil stood statue-still beside him. Albert had once mentioned to Neil that he had regrets from that time in his life, but he hadn’t yet confessed the unbearable details. Other than those three, everyone else in the room had heard the story.

“That…” Albert continued, “was a sputtered apology that didn’t cut it. Didn’t begin to cut it. You feeling sorry for yourself because you’ve put us in the position of having to force you to choose between a really sweet life as an immortal and painless sudden death? That’s just pathetic.”

This week’s snippet:

The Choice: 5-January-2019

Cameron sat ramrod straight and still as the dead. His eyes had widened more and more with each word Albert had bitten out. Dennis’s chin trembled.

For good measure, Albert added, “Don’t fuck with me, Dennis. Don’t fuck with any of us. We’ve seen it all, lived through it, and just want to be left the fuck alone to live our lives in peace. As Neil pointed out earlier, nobody is harmed for us to continue to exist.”

At least it wasn’t a cocky eyebrow hike, but Dennis twitched one up a smidge, perchance reflexively considering how he was fighting to keep his shakes under control before they reached seismic proportions.

“Obviously,” Albert added, “exceptions exist for those who threaten our existence. That being said, we don’t like having to harm anyone, and go to great lengths to avoid it.”

“Yes, sir. We appreciate it.” Cameron elbowed Dennis. “Don’t we?”

Blurb & Links

As a freshly turned vampire, Neil had frozen in panic when he’d found himself face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend, Cameron. Neil thought that misstep and its associated danger was all in the past, but Cameron’s current boyfriend, Dennis, is like a dog with a bone, and a keen imagination. When the two men’s curiosity progresses to the point the vampires consider their secrecy to be endangered, choices must be made.

Now that faction leader Albert has a blood-mate, he finds himself second-guessing his decisions. Neil would be crushed knowing his mistake led to human deaths, but Albert shouldn’t factor that into the difficult choices he must make. Will Albert’s indecision put the entire vampire establishment in danger? Or is redemption only a flamethrower away?

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The Choice is a 28,700 word novella, book #2 in The Faction series. While I tried to include enough backstory so readers who start with this book won’t be completely lost, I highly recommend first reading book #1, The Recruit, which sets up my unique vampire world and the drama that wasn’t as resolved as our heroes had thought.

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