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🌟 Please join me in welcoming author E.T. Malinowski to my blog. E.T. is here today celebrating the release of her new paranormal romance novel, Night Kiss, and answers the question, “What was the hardest part of writing this book?” Welcome, E.T.!  🌟

Night Kiss by E.T. Malinowski

Never harm the clan.

Series: BL Entertainment (Book 1)
Publisher: DSP Publications
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Release Date: January 8, 2019
Length: Novel / 170,000 words
Pairing / Genre(s) / Keyword(s): M/M, M/F, Paranormal, Romance, Non-Human, Performer, Office Romance, Scars, Unrequited Love

Warnings: Rape, Child Abuse, Violence

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What could be frightening enough to freeze the blood of a centuries-old Vampire turned K-pop idol?

Being bound to someone.

University student Cheong Jin-woo dreams of working in the arts, especially for BL Entertainment and his favorite band, Bam Kiseu. After seeing the band perform, Jin-woo separates from his friends to explore. What he discovers backstage will change his life.

Does he embrace it or run?

Jung Ki-tae has kept his secret for centuries—until a young fan interrupts his feeding. Even more disturbing is the instant bond Ki-tae feels with Jin-woo—a complication he refuses to allow. Yet resisting becomes increasingly difficult as Jin-woo and a group of students win the chance to make a video for the band, working closely with them for weeks. The obsession Ki-tae felt toward Jin-woo—even before tasting his blood—deepens into genuine feelings, feelings that terrify Ki-tae. But when he finds a way to break the bond, he’s torn between severing the connection and protecting Jin-woo….

Especially with a mysterious killer getting closer.


Jin-woo was late and Min-su was going to kill him, but if he hadn’t gone back to the studio, they wouldn’t have their visuals, and then she would have killed him slowly. He’d had to scramble to find someone with the keys, too, forcing him to miss all the other presentations. He never realized how hard it was to find maintenance personnel on a campus this size. When he finally reached Min-su, she looked scared as hell.

“What?” he asked. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Um, I… I can’t breathe. I really… can’t.” Min-su puffed out her cheeks and fanned her face. “I didn’t…. If I had known, I would have chosen a different outfit. I would have done my hair, and my makeup is just…. Dammit. Why didn’t anyone tell me they were going to be here?”

“What the heck is she talking about, Jong-in-a?” Jin-woo demanded.

“We’re not just presenting to Park Soon-joon hyung,” Jong-in said quietly.

“Of course we aren’t. Seonsaengnim is there as well,” Jin-woo said. “This isn’t new.”

“It’s…. We’re…. Jin-woo-ya, Bam Kiseu is in that room!” Min-su said, grabbing him by his vest and shaking him back and forth. “HanYin oppa is in that room! Ki-tae oppa is in that room! Cheongul oppa is in that room!”

Jin-woo did the only thing he could think of. He slapped her.

Min-su stumbled back a few steps and just stared at him. Then she narrowed her eyes and came at him.

Jin-woo threw up his hands in defense of the punch coming his way.

“I’m sorry!” But it never landed. He peeked with one eye. Min-su looked completely calm.

“Thank you,” she said with a sigh. “I was losing my shit, and that’s not acceptable.”

“You’re good?” Jin-woo said.

“I’m good.”

“Good,” Jin-woo said as he began to shake. “I’m going to pass out now.”

And he did just that.

Jin-woo didn’t remember hitting the floor, but he figured that must have happened, as he was staring up at the ceiling with Min-su slapping his face and Jong-in looking terribly concerned. He caught Min-su’s wrist and held her hand to his face for a few moments, closing his eyes once more.

“No, you cannot pass out on us again. We’re up next, Jin-woo-ya!” Min-su said, an edge of desperation in her voice.

“I’m not going to pass out again. I just wanted you to stop slapping me and calm down,” he said. Then he slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his head. He looked at Jong-in and teased, “You couldn’t have caught me?”

“Nope, Min-su-ya was in the way.”

“Hey, this is not my fault,” she said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Well, you were shaking Jin-woo-ya pretty hard,” Jong-in pointed out. “There’s no need to panic. They’re people, just like us.”

No, not just like us, Jin-woo thought but wisely kept the words to himself.


☆ Guest Post ☆

What was the hardest part of writing Night Kiss?

The honorifics! OMG, the honorifics killed me! However, they were important and not something that could be left out. There is a great deal of emphasis placed on age, respecting one’s elders, and those in authority. All of these things are taken into consideration as well as the gender of the person speaking and who they are speaking to. Jin-woo would call any male older than him hyung while Min-su would call them oppa. They, however, would both be addressed as dongsaeng by anyone older than them. Although, Min-su could also be addressed as yeodongsaeng. In a business setting, a more senior employee or someone in a mentor role would be addressed as seonbae while the addressee would be referred to as hubae. These terms are also used in an academic setting between students.

How a person is addressed can also indicate their profession or position in a company in relation to the speaker. For example, Kim Kyu-won is called seonsengnim by Jin-woo, Jong-in, and Min-su. This indicates he is their teacher and is used with -nim to show respect. Huijangnim is used when referring to ChénBao as the president of BL Entertainment. Yet, when referring to the president of a country, the proper word is daetongryeong-nim. This tells who she is and shows respect for her and her position.

On top of the different honorifics depending on who is speaking and to whom they’re speaking, they will change as the relationship between the speaker and the addressee changes. In the beginning of the story, Jin-woo addresses Ki-tae as hyung and then as Ki-tae-ya (not an honorific, but an indicator of a closer relationship), and finally, they agree to drop honorifics which indicates a truly close relationship. These changes aren’t generally done without agreement between both parties and I do make a point of showing that instead of just having it happen as I wanted to make it clear they are acknowledging the change in their relationship. One of the things I always had to keep in mind when writing for Cheongul, HanYin, and Ki-tae is whether or not the person they were speaking to was, in fact, older than they were; i.e. ChénBao, Soon-joon, or Hyun-jo. or only appeared older than they were; i.e. Shin-bai, Seung-gi, or Gojira. For example, technically, Kyu-won is younger than Cheongul, HanYin, and Ki-tae so he should have addressed them as hyung, but because he is a middle-aged man and they appear to be in their early twenties, they addressed him as seonsengnim. Had they grown closer, they would have eventually addressed him as hyung.

One thing I did kind of make a judgement call on was love scenes. I found it hard to believe people would remember honorifics while having sex, so not once did I use honorifics during any of the love scenes. Perhaps that was an error but who thinks of such things while doing the horizontal mambo? If you’re thinking about that then your partner is doing something really wrong!

Meet the Author

An avid reader, E.T. finds inspiration in all her favorite genres, from mainstream romance by her favorite authors to Japanese manga and anime. To her, even the classic fairytales hold that spark of motivation and if there is one thing she has learned from her many years of writing solely for herself, it’s this: never deny the Muse, she gets cranky and pulls out the bullwhip. E.T. Malinowski is the youngest of seven girls. It was her love of reading that eventually led her to attempt writing. From there, a passion was born.

She began writing romance in her early teens and, at that time, never dreamed of sharing her work with anyone. With the help of several dear friends, not to mention her ex-husband, she found the courage to take that last step towards publication. As the single mother of three rambunctious boys, finding time to write is a bit difficult. Yet E.T. manages to do it, even if it’s on break or lunch at a regular day job. She has found her place in homoerotic romance. To her, love doesn’t recognize gender boundaries and is always special.

An avid reader, E.T. finds inspiration in all her favorite genres, from mainstream romance by her favorite authors to Japanese manga and anime. To her, even the classic fairytales hold that spark of motivation and if there is one thing she has learned from her many years of writing solely for herself, it’s this: never deny the Muse, she gets cranky and pulls out the bullwhip.

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