Super Bowl Sale at JMS – #SundaySales #SalesSunday

Not planning to watch the Super Bowl? Stock up on books to read instead! Today only, you’ll get 50% off ALL ebooks at JMS Books!

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Consider this exciting new book from super-nice author LA Bryce:

Long Novel > $6.99 > Sale $3.50

Meet two men who need each other’s help but don’t realize it until it’s almost too late.

Noah is gay and terrified someone might find out. So much so that when he was blackmailed with pictures of himself with another man, instead of coming clean, he left his SEAL team without a word.

The other man is openly gay Mason, a former Marine and now part of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task force. It takes eight years after their first meeting in the desert for a chance event bring the two men together again. Now Noah must decide if he’s ready to accept who he is or if it’s easier to cut and run. Can they navigate the obstacles in their path to build a relationship? And why does the thought of that scare them more than investigating a group of terrorists?

Anthologies and collections are ALWAYS a good deal, but never more so than when there’s a sale tacked on as well. Consider these from me and from some of my favorite authors!

10 Short Stories & Novelettes > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
6 Stories! > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
4 Stories! > $5.99 > Sale $3.00
2 Novels, 1 Novelette, 1 Short Story > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
4 Stories! > $7.99 > Sale $4.00
11 Short Stories! > $4.99 > Sale $2.50
2 Novels > $5.99 > Sale $3.00
Preorder (Feb 16) 20 Short Stories! > $4.99 > Sale $2.50

5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sale at JMS – #SundaySales #SalesSunday

    1. Yes! I doubt anything coming up will beat 50% so I cleared out my cart. I now own everything you listed on your post plus some more that caught my attention.

      1. Yay! Lemme know what you thought about Ghost Writer (if that was one of the ones from my list that you liked). But talk to me before you buy the second book, the Snowed In one, all right? 😉

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