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Have you visited the auction going on in the Helping out Authors in Townsville Facebook group? There are donations from many people in the M/M Community to benefit the M/M authors who’ve been affected by the devastating floods in Townsville, Australia.

Listings vary from a lovely handmade quilt, a rainbow bracelet, packages from book promotional companies, editing, covers, and lots and lots of books. Here’s a screenshot of the group’s announcement post giving a little info:

And here are links to the group’s main discussion page, to my contributions to the auction, and to sign up to donate (I don’t think it’s too late…the post above indicates new listings will continue to go up through today).

Helping out Authors in Townsville:

Listing for a signed paperback of Cultivating Love:

Listing for signed paperbacks of ’Til Death Do Us Part (which includes the novelette From This Day Forward) and To Love and To Cherish:

Google Docs form to make a donation:

Sorry, international shipping is crazy and beyond my budget, so my listings in the auction are limited to US only.

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