Valentine’s Weekend Sale!

Valentine’s Day Weekend is the perfect time to stock up on romance ebooks! Thursday through Monday, you’ll get 40% off ALL ebooks at JMS Books!

Click the images, below, for links.

I like to push anthologies and collections during these sales because they are ALWAYS a good deal, but never more so than when there’s a sale tacked on as well. Consider these from me and from some of my favorite authors!

10 Short Stories & Novelettes > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
6 Stories! > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
4 Stories! > $5.99 > Sale $3.00
2 Novels, 1 Novelette, 1 Short Story > $6.99 > Sale $3.50
4 Stories! > $7.99 > Sale $4.00
11 Short Stories! > $4.99 > Sale $2.50
2 Novels > $5.99 > Sale $3.00
Preorder (Feb 16) 20 Short Stories! > $4.99 > Sale $2.50

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend Sale!

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!! 😍 I haven’t bought anything this time, I was away for the weekend and left my computer at home. But I might check out the sale today. See if any coming releases speak to me 🙂

        1. I’ve added it to my cart. The cover is lovely, and I’ll break with the norm to say that I find the fact it only has a 1-flame heat rating appealing. 🙂

          1. YES! I seek out books like that. I go on QueeRomance Ink and search for books: their filters are awesome and I always look for books with low heat rating! 🙂

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