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🌟 Please join me in welcoming author O.E. Tearmann to Stories That Make You Smile. O.E. is here today sharing the amazing playlist for their wonderful recent sci-fi/cyberpunk novel, The Hands We’re Given. 🌟

The Hands We’re Given by O.E. Tearmann

Life’s a bitch. She deals off the bottom of the deck. But you play the hands you’re given.

Series: Aces High, Jokers Wild (book #1)
Publisher: Spine Press and Post
Cover Artist: Germancreative
Release Date: September 14, 2018
Length: Long Novel / 120,900 words / 350 pages
Heat Rating: Explicit
Pairing / Genre(s) / Keyword(s): M/M, Transgender, F/F Side Characters, Sci-fi, Cli-fi, Cyberpunk, Hard Sci-fi, Military Romance, Redeeming Love, Power of Hope, Fighting the System, Corporate Crime/Espionage, Human Rights, Human Dignity, Diversity, Found Family,

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Book Blurb

Aidan Headly never wanted to be the man giving orders. That’s fine with the Democratic State Force base he’s been assigned to command: they don’t like to take orders. Nicknamed the Wildcards, they used to be the most effective base against the seven Corporations owning the former United States in a war that has lasted over half a century. Now the Wildcards are known for creative insubordination, chaos, and commanders begging to be reassigned.

Aidan is their last chance. If he can pull off his assignment as Commander and yank his ragtag crew of dreamers and fighters together, maybe they can get back to doing what they came to do: fighting for a country worth living in.

Life’s a bitch. She deals off the bottom of the deck. But you play the hands you’re given.

Series Blurb

Mission: Raise some Hell.

Change some minds.

Change the world.

These are the mission files of The Wildcards. Officially Democratic State Force Base 1407, the Wildcards are serving in a new American Revolution. In 2155, corporations run the City Grids for a profit and own their workers body and soul. The Constitution has been relegated to a quaint document. Freedom is just a word in the news vids. But off the Grid and in the shadows, there are people fighting for a change.

The fight begins today.

Will you stand up?


The dark shapes of three drones flitted over the junkyard, blotting out the stars. Aidan desperately turned the keys, slamming his foot on the accelerator. The truck’s engine finally revved. Kevin flung open the passenger side door and leapt inside. “Go, go, go!”

Aidan slammed it into reverse and hit the gas. They jumped backward. Once the truck was far enough away from the fence, he changed gears and wrenched the wheel around. They bumped and rattled into the night as fast as Aidan dared without the headlights on. The heat of the engine would make them easy to follow for the drones’ thermal cameras, but the short-range guard drones couldn’t go too far from their base of operation before their programming called them back. Aidan just hoped they could outrun them.

He gripped the steering wheel so hard it hurt. He could feel the suit tightening down against his skin. His heart pounded in his chest. Kevin’s breathing was ragged beside him. Another burst of bullets sprayed the ground right in front of them. Aidan yelped and yanked the wheel to avoid getting hit. The truck jittered to the side. Aidan slammed on the gas. The desert night sped past in a blur of blue and red under the starlight. Slowly, the whir of rotors faded into the distance. Aidan’s grip on the steering wheel began to relax. Kevin pulled his tab out of the bag and set it on the dashboard, watching as the screen flipped through the security channels they’d hacked into, keeping track of the location of dozens of drones.

Finally, Aidan pulled up under an overhang of red rock and cut the engine. The wide-range security drones were due to make their fly-over soon. Better to stop for a while and recover, get back on the road when it was safer.

They sat in silence for a long time, listening for rotors over the quiet buzz of the night insects. Aidan rested his arms on the steering wheel and propped his chin on his wrist, watching the star-studded sky.

“You all right?” Kevin breathed. At some point during the drive, he had deactivated his slick suit.

Aidan sighed and leaned back so he could manually flip his face screen up.”Yeah. Think so. Banged my knee pretty bad. Your shoulder?”

“Bruised. Doesn’t feel severe.” Kevin shrugged.

“Um, good,” Aidan whispered eventually.

So. They were alive. They’d gotten out with most of what they’d gone in for.

At the expense of a bad bruise across Kevin’s cheek, that or worse to his shoulder, and an action that could have caused so much more.

Slowly, some of his anger seeped back. He took a breath. “You scared the hell out of me back there and acted like a complete gamma, Kev. Don’t do that again.”

Kevin ducked his head in a slow nod. “I’m sorry, Aidan. I— When I saw you like that, I guess I panicked.”

Aidan sighed. Kevin was normally so level-headed. He’d been utterly cool on-Grid, when Aidan had been scared shitless.

So why had he acted like this out here?

On the tab screen, the red dot of a drone approached their location. They waited in breathless silence as the long-range drone passed, not even the sound of whirring to announce its presence. The red dot moved out of range.

Aidan breathed out. Kevin looked up with a smile. So close. They were so close.

“That’s the last of them. A very fine night’s work if I do say so.”

Aidan tried to smile, but it faltered. “I didn’t get the holo board. That was the part we needed most.”

Kevin smirked as he pulled the bag up from the floorboard and into his lap. He rifled quickly through the materials they had managed to grab, yanked, and pulled out the board with a wink.

“Oh, I don’t know about that.”

“What? How…?” Aidan breathed, feeling the wave of defeat that had been threatening lift.

“Fell down the pile when you did,” Kevin whispered, grinning. “I simply grabbed it up. After all, I am the requisitions officer. Snatching things is my forte.”

A rush of joy shot through Aidan. They’d done it. They’d gotten everything. Nose to nose with Kevin, he grinned.

“Holy shit, we- Holy shit! You… wow. Kevin, holy shit! This is like one of your vids!”

Kevin’s eyes glittered like silver in the low light. “You know, if this is a vid, I know how the scene ends.”

“Yeah?” Aidan asked, still giddy with relief.

Kevin was still smiling, his teeth white outlines in his grin. And he was leaning closer. Aidan could feel the heat of his skin, his breath.

“Heroes always get a kiss at the end of the adventure. That’s the convention.” Kevin tipped his head, eyes holding Aidan’s. “Would the hero like a kiss?”

Aidan froze. Was Kevin actually… Was he…?

He wet his lips. His voice escaped as a whisper. “Am I supposed to be a hero?”

Kevin’s smile was soft now, and he was so very close. “I don’t see anyone else in the driver’s seat. So you must be.” Then he pressed his lips against Aidan’s.

Kevin’s lips were hot. Aidan’s brain turned inside out. Kevin was kissing him.

Kevin had started kissing him.

This was real.

He leaned into the warmth with a pleasure that was almost pain. This was only going to be a second, but if only this second would last.

Softly, Kevin drew back. “Was that okay?”

Kevin’s whisper barely made it through the buzzing in Aidan’s brain. He gasped in a breath. “Um, okay. Yeah.” He swallowed hard and forced himself to sit up. “We-we should get going home…”

Kevin nodded, eyes still holding his as he drew away. “I suppose we should.”

☆ Guest Post / Playlist ☆

A playlist can be seen as the DNA of a story. Some writers must have their tunes, and so must some characters. This is absolutely true in the case of The Hands We’re Given. I need music to write. Music forms a backbone to the book: it’s one of our main characters’ mental health tools, as well as one of the ways I express his longing for the world of our recent past. To a man living in a dystopian 2155, the Summer of ’69 looks like paradise.

I’ve used the songs so much that I decided to include a playlist in the back of each book. Without further ado, here’s your jam for The Hands We’re Given.

A Wildcards Playlist, Part 1

• Flobots. “There’s A War Going On For Your Mind” Fight With Tools, 2007
• Flobots. “Sleeping Giant” NOENEMIES, 2017
• Flobots. “Rattle The Cage” NOENEMIES, 2017. Quoted Page 181
• Midnight Oil. “Beds Are Burning” Diesel and Dust 1987
• Twisted Sister. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Official Singles, 2008. Quoted Page 198
• Jonathan Larson. “Rent” Rent [Original Soundtrack] Disc 1, 2005
• The Who. “My Generation” My Generation 1965
• Kansas. “Carry On Wayward Son” The Best of Kansas, 1999. BON JOVI
• “No Apologies” Greatest Hits (Japan, SHM-CD, UICL-9095), 2010
• Mischief Brew. “Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell” Smash The Windows, 2005
• BON JOVI. “Raise Your Hands” B-sides & Rarities, 2005
• Genesis.“Land of Confusion” Turn It On Again: The Hits (The Tour Edition) [Remastered], 2007
• Rush. “Tom Sawyer” Chronicles (Remastered),1969
• Don Henley. “The Garden Of Allah” Actual Miles, 1995. Jonathan Larson. “What You Own” Rent [Original Soundtrack] Disc 2, 2005
• Men At Work. “Snakes And Ladders” Contraband – The Best Of Men At Work, 1984
• BON JOVI. “Bounce” Bounce, 2002
• BON JOVI. “Work For The Working Man” The Circle, 2009
• Mischief Brew. “Thanks, Bastards!” Songs From Under The Sink, 2006
• Don Henley. “I Will Not Go Quietly” Actual Miles, 1989
• Flobots. “Stand Up” Fight With Tools, 2007
• The Gaslight Anthem. “American Slang”American Slang, 2010.
• Tom Petty. “Runnin’ Down A Dream” Full Moon Fever, 1989.
• Mischief Brew. “Gratitude And Thanks” Songs From Under The Sink
• Bruce Springsteen. “Born In The U.S.A.” Born In The U.S.A., 1984
• Billy Joel. “Code Of Silence” The Bridge, 1986
• The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Singles, 2007
• Barefoot Truth. “Drink To You” Carry Us On, 2011
• Flobots. “Pray (Extended)” NOENEMIES, 2017
• BON JOVI. “It’s My Life” Greatest Hits (Japan, SHM-CD, UICL-9095), 2010
• BON JOVI. “Unbreakable” Have A Nice Day (Japan import), 2005
• Mischief Brew. “Swing Against The Nazis” Smash The Windows, 2005
• Debajo Del Agua. “Doublespeak” Arte Sano, 2007
• Great Big Sea. “Chemical Worker’s Song” Up, 1997
• Flobots. “Blood in the River” NOENEMIES, 2017.
• John Mellencamp. “Pink Houses” The Best That I Could Do, 1997
• Flobots. “Related” NOENEMIES, 2017.
• John Mellencamp. “Authority Song” The Best That I Could Do, 1997
• Jonathan Larson. “La Vie Boheme A, B” Rent [Original Soundtrack] Disc 2, 2005.
• The Beatles. “Let It Be”, Let It Be, 1970
• Peter Gabriel. “Don’t Give Up” Shaking The Tree, 1990

Meet the Author

O.E. Tearmann lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, in what may become the Co-Wy Grid. They share the house with a brat in fur, a husband and a great many books. Their search engine history may garner them a call from the FBI one day. When they’re not living on base 1407 they advocate for a more equitable society and more sustainable agricultural practices, participate in sundry geekdom and do their best to walk their characters’ talk.

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