FYI – I’ll be mostly away this coming week…

I’m going to have out-of-town guests (daughter and granddaughter) staying with me through next Sunday, so I’ll be mostly away from the blog and social media until then.

I’ve prescheduled all the blitzes and tours that I’ve received so far (which is fortunately most of them this week 🎉), but should be able to wrangle the few that haven’t trickled in yet. Possibly a few corners will be cut for those.

Likewise for my usual morning blitz of promoting the posts on social media. I’ll try to get up early and do at least an abbreviated version of promoting everyone’s new releases, etc.

I’m hosting a picnic for about ten on Monday, and double that on June 1 (my own release day!!!! 😳) when I’ll be hosting a big family cookout for twenty-some people.

So my apologies in advance for delays in replies and thanks. Have a wonderful week, everyone. I know I will! 💞

4 thoughts on “FYI – I’ll be mostly away this coming week…

    1. Thanks! I will. I’m about to disappear for the day. I’m on my final minutes online. 😁💞

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