Treadmill Week 132 & What I #AmReading – Something Like Box Set by Kris T. Bethke

Treadmill Goals/Tracking

  • Get on the treadmill (or equivalent exercise) daily
  • Pace is fine at 30 min/mile, although I may up it on occasion
  • Time range between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day
  • Distance 1-2 miles per day
  • Read the chosen book, which I won’t allow myself to read outside of my treadmill time, hopefully motivating me to reach or exceed the above goals (exception…at the end of the week where a book is highlighted, I will finish it off-treadmill so I can feature something new the next week)

Week 132: June 2, 2019 – June 8, 2019

Sunday 30 min/mile 31:35 min:sec 1 mile
Monday 30 min/mile 31:16 min:sec 1 mile
Tuesday 30 min/mile 31:11 min:sec 1 mile
Wednesday 30 min/mile 30:07 min:sec 1 mile
Thursday 30 min/mile 30:04 min:sec 1 mile
Friday 30 min/mile 30:12 min:sec 1 mile
Saturday Mowed Lawn 1-1/2 hours Front & Back

What I’m Reading

Note: Although I will try to avoid them, my weekly reading snippets may or may not contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

I’ll continue this box set in a couple weeks since I only got through the first two stories, and I’m kinda hooked. But first, I’ve got another box set that’s calling for me to get back to it next week! 😁

What I #amreading: Something Like Box Set by Kris T. Bethke

All four stories in Kris T. Bethke’s best-selling contemporary series combined into one box set for the first time! Contains the stories:

Something Like Hope: Actor Aaron Zeller finally gets his big break. But when another lead actor, Lucas Logan, doesn’t seem happy, Aaron is confused. Feelings bloom but can they find their way to happily ever after?

Something Like Trust: Jared’s skills are honed sharp, and that extends to making sure a lover has what he needs. Brandon Culpepper is one of a kind, and fits with Jared perfectly. But their lives seem to want to keep them apart. Can they learn to trust each other?

Something Like Peace: Dan Jacobs has finally embraced his sexuality. Fooling around with his show’s sometime director Vincent Stevens probably isn’t the best idea. But together they found something that works. Can they recognize the peace it brings them?

Something Like Want: Alex Lockhart is a shining star, but when one night of passion turns into the biggest betrayal, Alex doesn’t know how he can recover. Spencer Johns was everything he wanted, and now he’s Alex’s worst enemy. But that doesn’t stop Alex from wanting Spencer. And Spencer wants him back. Can want be enough?

Publisher | Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

My favorite lines this week…

✿✿ SUNDAY ✿✿Something Like Hope

LGBTQ people need representation in all facets of the world, especially on television. I know that if I had seen a gay character on my favorite shows as a teenager, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time with my sexuality. To think that I could play a role in some unknown person’s life, that they could see acceptance by the role I portrayed on TV, filled my heart.

✿✿ MONDAY ✿✿Something Like Hope

I fought a blush. “And you were watching me.”

“His response was so soft, I almost missed it. “Always.”

✿✿ TUESDAY ✿✿Something Like Hope

“Your place or mine?”

I considered his question for a moment. I hadn’t been home much this past week, and I was sure that things were untidy. Besides, there was Optimus, and I was pretty certain my behemoth of a cat scared him a little. “Yours.”

✿✿ WEDNESDAY ✿✿Something Like Hope

There was that tiny whimper again, and everything in me melted. I wanted him here and in my arms, to show him with my body exactly how much I meant what I said.

✿✿ THURSDAY ✿✿Something Like Hope

I slipped lower in my chair until I could nudge him with my foot. The barest hint of a smile started to work its way onto his face. I grinned and then shoved my toes underneath the hem of his jeans and pressed them against his shin. He put down his fork and finally looked at me.

✿✿ FRIDAY ✿✿Something Like Trust

The moment the director called “action,” a transformation the likes of which I had never seen took place. Brandon went from sweet and angelic to psychopathic serial killer in an instant. It was as complete as flipping a switch, so absolute was the change. Gone was the guy I observed barely able to complete a sentence without blushing red and stuttering, and in his place was a man even I would be afraid to meet in a dark alley.

It was creepy as hell.

And, inexplicably, utterly arousing.

✿✿ SATURDAY ✿✿Something Like Trust

“Brandon,” I warned.

Instantly, he froze. The only motion at all was his chest as it rose and fell with his panting breaths. That he went that still that fast, spoke to me on a bone-deep level. Whatever else we got into during the coming weeks was just gravy compared to him obeying my commands. This, right here, was what I craved. The fact that Brandon wanted it and needed it, too, made everything so much better.

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