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🌟 Please join me in welcoming authors Michel Notaro and Sammi Cee to Stories That Make You Smile! Michele and Sammi are here today celebrating the release of their exciting new novel, Malachite, the fourth and final installment in the popular The Brotherhood of Ormarr series. They’ve generously brought along a nice giveaway and an exclusive excerpt. Read on to discover more about Quentin and Malachite’s adventure! 🌟

Malachite by Michele Notaro and Sammi Cee

Being a dragon rider for the Brotherhood of Ormarr is filled with adventure, but danger can lurk behind every corner with the Order of Amsel set out to destroy the riders.

Series: The Brotherhood of Ormarr (book #4)
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art
Release Date: June 10, 2019
Length: Novel / ~70k words / 254 pages
Heat Rating: Recommended for Adults, 18+
Pairing / Genre(s) / Keyword(s): M/M Paranormal Fantasy Romance, fated mates, dragons, dragon riders, soulmates, gay fiction

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Book Blurb

I have a wonderful life. I have no room to complain; between my brothers and their new mates, this is the most alive our home has felt since my parents died. Unfortunately, all of them being mated is making me miserable. When it was just the four of us, it was us against the world. Now they’re paired up and it’s only me and my dragon, Kesia. Until I happen to walk into the Overlord’s Lair and I see him: Quentin. Mine. Mate. As much as I want to win him over without telling him I’m a dragon rider and we’re mates—which I know he’d love—I’m not sure I can. The minute I’m around him I act like an idiot.

Every time the goofy guy walks into my store, he brightens my day, and I look forward to his daily visits. There’s just something about him that draws me to him, to the point he leaves me pining after him the moment he’s gone. But the thing is, I can tell he’s hiding something, and my wild imagination is coming up with the craziest explanations of the secrets he’s keeping. Maybe he’s a vampire that’s come to whisk me away—ridiculous, right? But a guy can dream. And I’ve definitely been dreaming of that big, muscular man wrapping me in his arms at night.

Malachite is the final book in The Brotherhood of Ormarr series. While each book focuses on a different couple, the overall story arc concludes in this installment. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest reading in order. Malachite is a m/m romance, and is recommended for adults 18 years and older.

Series Blurb

Being a dragon rider for the Brotherhood of Ormarr is filled with adventure, but danger can lurk behind every corner with the Order of Amsel set out to destroy the riders. Azaran, Zale, Eeli, and Malachite have spent their whole lives training, but will it be enough? The brothers lost their parents years ago to assassins, but they’ve never been able to figure out who was behind the attack. Follow the journey of these dragon riders, along with their faithful dragons, as they find their mates and discover clues that will lead to the final epic showdown.

The Brotherhood of Ormarr series consists of four books, each with its own HEA. While each book focuses on a different couple, the overall story arc continues into the next installment. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest reading in order. This is a m/m romance series, and is recommended for adults 18 years and older.

Blitz Excerpt


The hot mound behind me moved a little, jostling me awake, and instead of being afraid of another body in bed with me, I felt safe enclosed in his arms. With my eyes still shut, I smiled and sunk back into Malachite. I was sandwiched between him and Gizmo, who was lying in front of me, pressing his body into my belly—though he seemed to be taking up a lot of room. My arms were under the blanket, and I could feel Gizmo on top of it, but I was hardly paying him any attention since I had a hunk of man meat behind me.

I scooted back into Malachite a little and he groaned, making me grin and open my eyes. The last thing I expected was to find giant bright green eyes staring at me. It only took a split-second to realize those eyes were attached to a face… a scaly face.

“Ahhh!” I yelled and jumped back, hearing an “Ow” behind me as I scrambled out of the covers and over top of Malachite’s huge body. “Wh-what is that?”

Malachite sat up, holding his nose, and looked at the scaly head. “Nice way to wake our mate up, Kesia.”

I glanced between him and the scaly thing as I ducked behind Malachite’s back, then realized he was rubbing his nose. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. You’ve got a hard elbow.”

I winced. “I’m sorry.”

He grinned at me and dropped his hand. “No big deal, I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“Sorry.” He waved me away, and my gaze traveled over to the scaly head that hadn’t moved. “Is that thing real?”

He sighed. “I was hoping to maybe ease you into it, but yes, she’s real. This is Kesia, my dragon.”

I blinked at him, then looked at the scaly head and back at Malachite, sure he was playing a trick on me. “Did you say dragon?”

He smiled. “Yes.”

Squinting at him, still suspicious, I turned to the scaly head and leaned over Malachite with my finger stretched out. Right before I touched it, I paused. “Is it going to jump and scare the crap out of me?”

“No, she won’t hurt you.”

Frowning and fully prepared to jump off the bed, I poked the head in the middle of its snout. The thing huffed and opened its mouth, licking its lips. Snatching my hand back, I blinked at it. “Holy shit.” I moved the blanket and pillows that were surrounding it and discovered an entire body attached to the head. It was bright green with glossy wings and sparkling green scales. “Holy crap, Malachite. That’s really realistic. Where did you get it?”

He rubbed my upper back. “She’s real, Quentin.”

Shooting him a glance, I rolled my eyes. “You know I love fantasy stuff, especially dragons, so it’s not nice to pretend it’s real and get my hopes up if you’re only playing a trick on me.”

“Kesia,” he said quietly.

The green scaly dragon stood up on the bed and moved closer to me, and my eyes widened as I veered back in surprise. The freaking dragon stretched its head toward me, and I automatically leaned farther back, not believing what I was seeing. I leaned so far, I slipped off the bed and fell on my ass.

“Oh shit,” Malachite said as he reached for me. “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d fall or I would’ve caught—”

“Malachite!” I yelled, cutting him off. I looked at him with wide eyes and a huge smile. “There’s a fucking dragon in your bed!”

His eyebrows lifted a little, but he chuckled as he pulled me back up beside him. “Her name is Kesia, and she’s couldn’t wait to say hi. She was supposed to wait until I woke up and told you about her, but apparently, she was too impatient. She’s been dying to meet you.”

“She has?” I couldn’t take my eyes off the dragon’s beautiful, bright scales. She was bigger than the average dog with spikes down her back and her wings tucked in at the sides. “You promise you’re not playing a trick on me?”

He laughed. “I promise.”

The freaking dragon scooted closer to me again, then hesitantly leaned toward me. Slowly, I lifted my hand toward her and she pushed her snout into it. The moment my hand touched her scales, I gasped. She was surprisingly soft, and very obviously a real live fucking dragon. “Holy shit,” I whispered, completely awed. “I’m touching a dragon.”

☆ Exclusive Excerpt ☆


Kyla rolled her eyes, then proceeded to cut the flowers. After, I followed her back up into the house, she arranged them in a clear vase—she’d purchased several online once we’d told her she could plant whatever she wanted and had expanded a plot of land to the side of the house for her—she tied an apricot ribbon around it to match the flowers. The finished product looked like I’d stopped at a florist. “Wow.”

“You’re welcome. I gotta run, Jessa and her mom are here.” She hopped up on her tippy toes and I leaned down so she could give me a kiss on the cheek, then she grabbed her backpack off the counter, and was out the door.

I had left Kesia outside, but she knew we were going to see Quentin, so I wasn’t surprised to hear the clickity clack of her nails as she ran up the stairs from the LZ. If you don’t want anyone to see Quentin’s pretties, then we have to go. The others are all on their way back from flying.

Kesia was right. I didn’t want anyone to know, so I grabbed the vase and followed her back down the stairs. We were airbound within minutes, my brothers still dots in the sky over the ocean behind us as we headed toward town. Our daily trips in to see Quentin had become as much a highlight of Kesia’s day as they were of mine, so the second we landed, her magick shimmered green, and she disappeared to reappear in the outline of her tattoo on my arm. Since the distress calls for help against dark wraiths and other random accidents had been more frequent lately, I wasted no time striding toward The Overlord’s Lair, my long legs getting me there in no time. My eyes adjusted to the inside of the shop quickly, catching the pleased smile on Quentin’s face before it went blank. Hmm… maybe he was already starting to like me.

In my tattoo, I couldn’t see Kesia, but the rolly sensation that rippled across my bicep made me wonder if she’d rolled her eyes at me. Yes. I did. He’s your mate. Of course, he likes you. You’re being complicated.

Hush, Kesia, I said to her as Quentin approached.

“You’re back,” he said.

“I told you that you’d see me today.”

“You did.” We stood there, both of us quiet, until Quentin asked, “Um, are those for…” he trailed off and bit the inside of his cheek and reached up to tug on his ear.

“Oh, yeah.” I thrust the vase forward, sloshing water over the top and out the sides onto my hand and the floor. “Oh crap, I’m sorry. Where’s a towel? I’ll clean it up.” I turned and moved toward the little backroom he’d gone in to get the broom and dustpan the other day. Hearing a snicker behind me, I stopped and found Quentin standing in the same spot he’d been. “Are you coming?”

“Can I have my flowers?”

When I looked down and saw the vase still in my hand, I groaned. I was such a complete moron. “You must dread seeing me, huh?”

“It’s only a little water, Malachite,” he said as he approached and gripped the vase above my hands. “I think cleaning up a little spill is worth having these beauties brightening up my place.”

“You like them?” I asked hopefully.

“They’re lovely.” There was another silence, but this one wasn’t as awkward. We both stood holding the vase between us with barely a millimeter separating our hands. I smiled at him hesitantly and that quirky, lopsided grin appeared on his face. But when he looked down, a frown replaced it. “What happened to your arm, Malachite? Are you okay?”

Puzzled, I followed his eyes to the gash on my arm that Doc had sewn up for me last night after Azaran and I had fought a few black wraiths and their riders. “Oh, that’s nothing.”

“Nothing. You must have fifteen stitches.”

“Yeah, I was helping my brother with a job and cut my arm on something sharp. It’s not a big deal; his, uh, boyfriend is a doctor so he fixed it right up. I didn’t even have to leave home.” I chuckled, but Quentin didn’t look reassured, so I changed the subject. “Why don’t you go get me a towel, and I’ll put these somewhere you can see them?”

“Okay,” he said, but his arched eyebrow left no doubts that he was displeased at my brush off.

Our mate’s worried about you. Take him home.

Meet the Authors

Michele Notaro is married to an awesome husband that puts up with her and all the characters in her head–and there are many. They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with their two young boys and two crazy dogs. She grew up dancing and swimming and taught dance–ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, & modern–for ten years before her kids came along. Now she stays home to write about the sexy men in her head and does PTA everything–as long as coffee is involved. Two other tattooed moms run the PTA with her, and though she wants to rip her hair out from it, she still loves it.

Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Profile | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

Also by Michele Notaro

Sammi Cee was raised in a family of readers. Summer vacations consisted of a good book while sitting lakeside from as far back as she could remember. After growing up and having her own children, her appreciation of how the written word could transport you on an adventure, bring you to tears, or give you hope, took on a whole new meaning.

These days Sammi is watching her children develop into fine young ladies while doing the things she enjoys most: drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and writing her own stories.

Facebook Page | Twitter (@cee_sammi) | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

Also by Sammi Cee



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