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🌟 Please join me in welcoming author Davidson King to Stories That Make You Smile! Davidson is here today celebrating the release of her fabulous new novel, Triple Threat, the sixth book in the popular Haven Hart series. She’s generously brought along a giveaway, an excerpt. Pull up a chair and join the discussion as Davidson chats with us about how she deals with the pressure of writing/publishing. 🌟

Triple Threat by Davidson King

Will Lee, Jones, and Ginger let doubts come between them, distracting them from their mission and blocking any hope of love? Or can they face the toughest challenge of their lives and become…a triple threat?

Series: Haven Hart (book #6)
Cover Artist: Morningstar
Release Date: June 27, 2019
Length: 220 pages
Heat Rating: Steamy
Pairing / Genre(s): M/M Suspense, Romance, Action, Menage

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Lee, Jones, and Ginger deal with dangerous situations and mounting stress daily working for the most powerful assassin organization in the world. All of those things seem like a walk in the park compared to the friction that sparks between them. When all three are assigned to the same job, ignoring the heat from the inferno of desire becomes impossible.

Lee is a master at deciphering codes, skilled in hacking complicated systems, and never misses a target, even from over fifty miles away. His feelings for Jones and Ginger, however, may be the first code he’s unable to crack.

Jones deals in absolutes, but the road to his past is paved with bodies and regrets. Getting Lee to acknowledge the pull they both feel toward Ginger may be the hardest mission he’s ever had to face.

Ginger struggles to cope with the overwhelming guilt that accompanies this new job. Falling for these hired killers will be a risk—one that could wind up with him losing in the end or gaining everything he’s ever wanted.

As the three work together to take down a human trafficking ring—and save a desperate soul—time is of the essence. Their lives are on the line as mysteries unfold and unexpected encounters throw them off course. Will Lee, Jones, and Ginger let doubts come between them, distracting them from their mission and blocking any hope of love? Or can they face the toughest challenge of their lives and become…a triple threat?


With Lee and Jones busy, I popped my earbuds in, hit play on my Spotify, and drowned in the sounds of Pat Benatar. I loved the ‘80s, some of the ‘90s, but damn the ‘80s had amazing music. As with every time I listened to my music, I started swaying in my seat. I closed my eyes, let my hands tap, my feet slide, and that chorus in “We Belong”… it possessed me, and I couldn’t help myself but to sing. I sang softly as to not disturb Lee and Jones.

“What the absolute fuck!” The sound of Jones’ voice broke through. I opened my eyes and pulled my buds out. The van had stopped and now Lee was standing, staring at me, too.

“Hey,” I said meekly. “What’s up?”

“You scared the crap out of me,” Jones said, and Lee nodded in agreement.


“One second it’s all quiet, then it’s like opera cats or something,” Lee answered, and this time Jones agreed.

“Wow, that’s harsh.” I drew my legs up to my chest, hearing the faint sounds of Tiffany singing that she thinks we’re alone now.

“Just warn us when you’re going to break out into song is all,” Lee grumbled, and then got back into the driver’s seat. I slipped the earbuds back in.

A tap on my leg had me pulling out my earbuds again.

“You listen to all ‘80s or you got some not shitty crap in there?” Jones asked, and I gripped my phone like he just shit on my dreams.

“Nothing of what I have is shit!”

Lee started to laugh as he pulled back onto the road and Jones had a huge grin. It was a change I hadn’t really seen in a while. Those two actually enjoying each other. I knew there was history there, everyone did.

If they wanted to be that way, okay. “Just for that,” I said as I put the phone on speaker and hit play. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts started singing about loving rock and roll, and because they love it so much, I sang with them.

Jones’ eyes widened and Lee once again pulled to the side of the road and turned in his seat. Seemed I was entertainment. I knew I didn’t have the best voice, but I had rendered these two dangerous men speechless. I was loving the power, the control.

Feeling daring, I inched over to Jones who looked positively terrified, and began drumming on his legs.

“Sweet Jesus,” Lee said and laughed so loudly I lost track of my words and watched him. Tears ran down his face, and he had his arms wrapped around his middle. It was a contagious laugh, and suddenly the three of us were in hysterics.

☆ Guest Post ☆

Dealing with the Pressure

As each book is published in my Haven Hart series the pressure increases. Will this one live up to the readers’ expectations? Will they be happy with what I’ve done here? Do they think I need to do something else for a living?

These are the questions I hear in my head all the time. I’ve been lucky to have a series so loved by people. I also have a pressure that sits on my chest. I don’t want to mess it up.

Jones, Lee, and Ginger almost drove me to drink. I’d never written a ménage, I needed to give them a HEA, and push the story along. Yes, it’s a pressure I’ve created. I LOVE this universe and these characters. I adore how I’ve been able to talk to so many readers about these characters and have them hardcore love these characters with me.

It all comes down to this last book and how will I tie it all together. Well, there is really only one thing to tie up and that’s WHO IS THE HART HEIR. Simple right? No THE PRESSURE IS REAL! I have to share it and make the readers understand it and LOVE it.

I don’t know how I deal with the pressure really. I just do the very best I possibly can. I bring my A game with each book and never half-ass anything.

When I’m overwhelmed I hug my cat, play with my kids, chill with my husband. I break away when I feel I’m forcing something or it’s not working. But, when I go back it’s still there only it’s manageable.

Good thing I love what I do for a living.

Meet the Author

Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

When she’s not writing you can find her blogging away on Diverse Reader, her review and promotional site. She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she’d tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you’re afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.

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  1. I’m in the middle of the 4th book and I’m excited and dreading to reach the end of this series T_T. Love the cover btw but ugghhh the end…..

  2. Oh man, I wish I could hug you and tell you all will be well. I am sure if you left it open, who the heir is (like LOST), readers would forgive you eventually, after years of egging your house and boycotting your books. LOL Just kidding. No pressure at all. I love your books, as you well know. You have something really good cooking there and I am sure those voices in your head will lead you down the right path. Hugs

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