PARTY ALERT – Celebrating the release of Addiction by Roberta Blablanski

You don’t want to miss the festivities over at Roberta Blablanski’s Facebook group today as she and a whole lineup of authors celebrate the release of her novella, Addiction.

I’ll be in the hot seat for a half hour beginning at 4PM EDT (New York) / 3PM CDT (Chicago) / 9PM BST (London) / 20:00 UTC.

Although my two giveaways will remain open for 24 hours, your best chance to win will be to comment early. The five earliest qualifying commenters on the giveaway posts will be automatic winners, plus one random winner pulled from the later commenters. Also, the very first (USA) qualifying commenter on those two giveaways posts will have the option of getting a paperback in addition to an ebook copy of the books I’m giving away.

Pick up your copy on Amazon, here:

Addiction can destroy your life. But if you destroy addiction, can you get your life back?

At twenty-eight, Owen Fredrikson is homeless, unemployed, and grappling with drug addiction. Before he let drugs take over his life, he had a pretty sweet job working the front desk of a fancy hotel, his boss was his best friend, and he had a loving fiancé.

After three years together, thirty-three-year-old middle school math teacher Dex Atterbury could no longer ignore Owen’s demons. Dex made the tough decision to part ways, leaving Owen destitute and Dex heartbroken.

When tragedy befalls Owen and Dex is called to his side, Owen has some tough decisions to make. Both men must determine how far they are willing to go to rebuild the life they once shared.

Can Owen conquer his addiction while facing his demons? And can Dex open his heart and trust Owen again?

Content Warnings:
Depictions of drug addiction, drug use and abuse, and drug withdrawal
Scenes of violence

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