I’ve got no blitzes or blog tours scheduled today, so you get me rambling on about my WiPs instead.

I’m trying to decide what to work on. I’m currently in that zone after finishing a story where I’ve still got that story on my mind but I should really move onto something new.

Here’s a rundown of stories I’ve started and/or am pondering:

  • A Change of Plans

    3rd (and final) book in the Plans series following The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans. I was originally thinking of The Game Plan for the title, but lately I’ve been leaning more toward A Change of Plans. I barely started this while I was still in the middle of The Best-Laid Plans and need to scrap what I’ve written so far since I ended book 2 with the scene that was originally going to open book 3.

    So I’m back to square one, and really don’t know what the drama’s going to be anyway. I suppose it will have something to do with tying up the fresh bad blood between the kingdom of Gagel and the kingdoms of Sheburat and Zioneven.
  • The Journey

    3rd (and final) book in The Faction series following The Recruit and The Choice, probably titled The Journey. Book 3 is set (I think) about 100 years after the end of The Choice with the vampires formerly known as Albert and Neil, and vampires worldwide striving to make final preparations for the interstellar journey that will bring them to a new world where they will be safe from the ever-stifling rules of humans on earth.

    I love this series, and love the ideas I’ve come up with for this final story. My motivation is lacking a bit since the series has tanked (even more so than my books in general), so it’s hard to see the point of continuing. But I’m sure I’ll do it anyway.
  • Untitled fake boyfriend story

    I don’t have any words down on the story, but I have sketched out some character motivations and plot line ideas.
  • When Are You?

    Time travel novel. I wrote a few words for this a while back, but I’m not sure whether I’ll continue from there or start over. I also, since there’s a convoluted timeline, wrote an outline that still has a few blanks to fill in.

There are a few more WiPs, such as completing the Dreams series that began with Closets Are for Clothes, but I’m not at all motivated in that direction right now, so probably they won’t be next.

What do you think, dear readers? Got any requests or advice?

11 thoughts on “WORK IN PROGRESS WEDNESDAY – Rambling #WiPWed

  1. I can’t help but suspect that I will love whichever you focus on first. The final part of either trilogy would be a treat indeed, but ooh…Untitled fake boyfriend story 😍 I very much hope your plot line ideas and character motivations reap a rich harvest of plenty words-in-progress 🥰

    1. Thank you! 💞 I think I’ve got it narrowed down to The Journey and the Untitled fake boyfriend story. I might work on them simultaneously. I have too much to figure out still with the Plans story, and although I’ve got a lot figured out for the time travel story, I still need to sort out the time/place that’ll be involved.

      1. You’re welcome. ❤That sounds a great plan as you’ll have one familiar world and one fresh to work on, I enjoy that combination when I’m working on two stories.

    1. LOL. I want more Prince Marcelo, too. I just need to figure out what to do with him and Efren to make an interesting story.

      Me too, and I wish I knew. I plan to ask about getting some kind of marketing sale for books 1&2 (free + 99¢ or maybe 99¢ each?) when 3 is released, and see if I can get 3 straight into KU since the first two are. Hopefully that’ll help. I plan to do the same for Plans. Generally speaking, people who read them do enjoy them, so I think it’s a question of getting them to pick them up in the first place.

      1. Ugh, selling books is so hard. I just want to write and not have to do any of the other stuff that I suck at. If I wanted to market stuff, I would have studied marketing! 😀

            1. They probably all need it. So far I’ve only fiddled with ’Til Death (other than reworking the one for Bigfoot…which I’ve further (mildly) tweaked since your input).

              I’m trying to get away from the story recap formula and steer more toward highlighting what would be exciting or appealing about the story.

              1. I have a troubled relationship with blurbs, not just writing them but in general. I’m rarely satisfied in reading just the blurb, I always seek out reviews, too, before deciding whether to read a book or not. For me as a reader, a blurb is just not enough information to base my decision on…at least not most of the time. There are exceptions, of course.

                1. For me it’s the blurb and the excerpt. I’ve read way too many reviews of books that I’ve already read and wondered if they even read the same thing. At the very least, they often are operating under a completely different idea of what makes a book enjoyable or not. If I paid enough attention and found a reviewer whom I consistently agreed with, maybe I’d go that route, but just looking at reviews, or even general consensus has lead me astray too many times.

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