CONTEST – Happy Birthday to Me!!! Easy-Peasy Contest

🎶 Happy Birthday to me… 🎵

It’s my birthday, but I’m the one handing out pressies! How to enter the contest:

There’s an image below, but you can’t see it…YET. It’s a picture of a birthday cake that has between 1 and 25 candles. To enter, comment with three different numbers (details, below). One entry per person.

(1) – The first number is your guess of how many candles are on the cake in the hidden image (closest guess wins…remember, it’s between 1 and 25, inclusive).

(2) – The 2nd number is a tie-breaker. It’s your guess of how many of those candles are pink (between 0 and your answer to #1, inclusive).

(3) – the 3rd number is a 2nd tie-breaker. It’s your guess of how many of those candles are green (between 0 and your answer to #1, inclusive).

When the contest ends (Monday, 2-Sept. at 12PM noon, USA CDT), the security on the image will open and you’ll be able to see the answer.

Here’s the image:

Birthday Cake 2019-08-30.jpg

[↑↑This image ↑↑ contains the answers and is security locked until the contest ends. It will become visible to you then. 😁]

[The contest is NOW OVER. ↑↑This image ↑↑ is the same as the one that should now be showing above. I still can’t see it even though the security has been changed to public. Perhaps it’ll show up later, or perhaps WordPress no longer plays nice with Livejournal images? IDK. For the sake of transparency, I’ve posted the Livejournal image’s direct link below where the embedded image should be. 😏]

The prize is your choice of any two of my books. If you’re in the USA, then if you choose books that I have in paperback, then you can opt for both the ebook and paperback versions. If you’re outside the USA, then it’s ebook only (sorry, the postage is crazy).

14 thoughts on “CONTEST – Happy Birthday to Me!!! Easy-Peasy Contest

  1. Okay…so in the spirit of my birthday greetings on your FB page (incorporated herein by reference), my guesses are: (1) 21 (2) 12 pink (3) 9 green

    1. Congrats Zakarrie! You’re the winner. The answer was 13 with 3 each of pink and green. Your answer of 11 was closest, tie breakers not needed. Let me know which 2 books you’d like (and if you’d like to hold out for the upcoming in October, that’s an option, too). 🙂

      1. Yay! 🎉 Oh how lovely, I’m so chuffed. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful birthday 💖 I’m staggered, I never thought I’d win…but ironically nuff, I almost put 13, then plumped for 11😁 Please may I have my two favourites : To Love & To Cherish & Cultivating Love. I’purchased most of your books but had KU for a while so I borrowed those two, which were – o’course – the ones I loved best 🙄 Thank you so much! 🥰

        1. 💞 I sent MOBI to the email attached to the account you’re using. If you’d prefer a different format, or need it sent elsewhere, just let me know! 😁 Thanks so much for your support!!!!

  2. The contest is now over! Congratulations to Zakarrie, whose guess was closest. The cake has 13 candles, 3 of which are pink, and 3 of which are green. Tie breaker wasn’t needed.

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