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🌟 Please join me in welcoming author Julia McBryant to Stories That Make You Smile! Julia is here today celebrating the release of Hurricane Dreams, the fourth book in her steamy series, Southern Seduction. She’s kindly brought along an excerpt, a generous giveaway, and a guest post. Read on for some lovely insight into the book’s character, Audie! 🌟

Hurricane Dreams by Julia McBryant

Will Audie’s troubled past keep him from the boyfriend he loves?

Series: Southern Seduction (book #4)
(It is NOT necessary to have read the earlier books in the series.)
Cover Artist: germancreative
Release Date: September 9, 2019
Length: Novelette / 15,286 words / 63 pages
Pairing / Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

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Audie Currell, the only son of one of the richest families in Charleston, runs off from his parent’s wine tasting with his father’s business associate’s son, Calhoun Chatterton, another well-off teenager from Savannah. They start dating in secret. But Audie’s abusive childhood stands in the way of an authentic relationship — as does their family’s homophobia. They have to hide their relationship while coping with Audie’s trauma. Can two naive teenagers manage such a difficult task?


The Southern Seduction series chronicles the interconnected lives of a group of well-off, high society young adults in Savannah, Georgia, most of whom have known each other since kindergarten. Their complicated relationships (and unconventional sexcapades) form the meat of the series, along with a careful attention to chronology, character, and prose. More than romantic erotica, the Southern Seduction series details a fully realized world of drama, theme, and most of all, memorable characters. 


“God, I fucking love your car. You’re super hot and you come with a Porsche Carrerra. Jesus, Audie. Are you seriously real?”

“Are you?” Audie laughs and tucks Calhoun’s hair behind his ears. He still can’t believe the things he says to Calhoun every goddamn day. Audie never imagined using words like these with another person. You don’t hand your heart to someone else. As soon as you do, you know it’s going to shatter one day. It reminds him of a hurricane slamming down the Carolina low country, Hugo or another big one: you can’t stop the storm from coming. You can only close the shutters and pray the seawall holds. 

Audie tries to catch Calhoun’s hand when they get to the restaurant, but his boyfriend shakes his head. “We can’t.”

“Not at all?” Audie asks.

“No. But we can go out to Tybee.”

Calhoun seems to relax with the change of scenery. Audie thinks some alcohol helps too. It helps Audie. Always has, since he was fifteen years old. He doesn’t share that with Calhoun. Some things you just don’t tell anyone. Like, my daddy belted me bloody. Or, his business partner’s daughter Easter stood there terrified while it happened. And that’s why I bought bourbon the first time.

You don’t say it. The same way you don’t talk about high school.

The Savannah heat slams them when they come out of the restaurant. “Been hitting like, a hundred this week,” Calhoun says. “At least Tybee has the sea breeze. You really don’t swim at all?”

“No,” Audie says. “But I’ll wade.” Another thing you don’t say: why you don’t swim. My daddy marooned me in a pontoon boat when I was eleven because he said I had to get over my fear of bull sharks. Told me to swim over to his boat and we could go home. It took me four goddamn hours to get the courage to do it and it was the worst thing in the world and I will never get in the ocean again ever. You say: I have this shark phobia. Can’t shake it, sorry. You can tell the truth without telling it. You can come close to a thing without touching it at all.

Calhoun directs him down East Bay Street onto the highway. They leave the windows down and let the wind whip their hair, Audie’s into a curly froth, Calhoun’s into mermaid tangles. Audie blasts the Charleston band Jump, Little Children, who Calhoun’s never heard and Audie’s seen a million times. “They’re really good,” Calhoun yells over the wind and the music, between bites of the black licorice he dug out of his bag. Audie had laughed when he unearthed it. “We should go see them sometime.”

Audie snorts. “Maybe if they play Columbia,” he shouts. “Not seeing you in Charleston again. Stupid. Just have to act like friends.”

“Same in Savannah.”

“Should say we chartered a boat in Pauley’s Island or Georgetown next time with some friends. Maybe the Outer Banks. I could even summon up some friends if we needed.”

“Me too.”

“Say we went fishing and picked up girls. Send pictures of fish and girls to our daddies.” Audie laughs even though it’s not funny and he’s not joking and Calhoun nods.

Calhoun’s Tybee house sits on the water, huge and modern, all sleek lines. “I love this house,” Calhoun says as they park underneath it.

“Hate that hurricanes’ll always take a beach house,” Audie says. “Hate it for our Folly house.”

Calhoun looks at him kind of strange. “I guess.”

They walk hand-in-hand, bags slung over their shoulders, up the stairs. Calhoun shuts the door behind them and Audie has him against the wall. “This okay now that we’re at the beach?” he says, intentionally talking right into Calhoun’s ear.

“Yeah,” Calhoun breathes. “Doesn’t matter in this house.”

Audie moves his leg between his boyfriend’s thighs. “Because I want you real bad.” He knows Calhoun likes it when he talks to him.

“Want you too.” Audie feels him stiffening.

Audie kisses him hard, like before, but his time braces himself against the wall and pins Calhoun against it completely. His boyfriend thrusts against him. God, Audie loves this. He loves that Calhoun loves this. He moves slightly so their cocks rub against each other through their thin shorts. Their belts clink and it’s somehow one of the hottest sounds Audie’s ever heard. He breaks off the kiss and moves to Calhoun’s ear again. “Go into the bedroom,” he says, “And get your fucking clothes off. I missed you and I want you.” Audie’s pretty sure Calhoun wants him to talk like this, and he wants to talk to Calhoun like this, and he thinks he can get away with it.

He knows he can when Calhoun sort of sucks in a breath and moves on him. “Okay,” he says. “Okay, Audie.”

Calhoun leads him into a big room with a king-sized bed. He strips. Audie rummages in his bag and takes out what they need, then takes his own clothes off. Calhoun watches. Audie knows his boyfriend’s watching, but when he looks up, Calhoun drops his eyes. Audie hopes he doesn’t fuck this up. They’ve only done it twice, once the afternoon in his beach house and once the next morning, which makes a total of two times Audie’s ever had sex in his entire life. Calhoun doesn’t know that and Audie isn’t telling.

“Get on the bed,” Audie orders. God, he’s wanted to say things like this his whole life. Every time, he gets bossier and bossier and Calhoun loves it more and more. Obediently, his boyfriend pulls down the bedspread and sheets, climbs into bed and waits for Audie. Who takes his goddamn time getting over there. Calhoun looks too good lying on his side, watching Audie with those big eyes and a hard cock. He messes with it a little, which makes everything better.

☆ Guest Post ☆

20 Random Things About a Character:
Audubon Thomas William Currell

  1. Audie’s father wanted a junior. His mother wanted to use her maiden name, Audubon. In possibly the only time she ever stood up to him, they argued: Thomas Currell Jr. or Audubon Currell. Lanier won on a coin toss, and Audie got his name.
  2. The first person Audie told he was gay: his business partner’s daughter, Easter Bennett, one of his best friends, despite their three-year age difference. The second person: his best friend Eliza King, after she confessed she had a crush on him, which led to both of them crying for a very long time.
  3. Audie looks really, really good in eyeliner.
  4. He also bears a striking resemblance to David Bowie, one of his favorite musicians. He prefers Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, but his favorite song, hands-down, is Under Pressure.
  5. Yes, he’s done every club drug under the sun, and no, Calhoun doesn’t know that. He’s never played around with psychedelics for fear of a bad trip.
  6. He prefers pheasant to chicken. No, seriously. This embarrasses him and he doesn’t tell anyone.
  7. He ran the school literary magazine in high school. That’s when he decided to be a poet.
  8. He bonds with Henry Culliver over their mutual love for William Faulkner, especially Absalom, Absalom! and The Sound and the Fury.
  9. If he had to hook up with a girl, his perfect girl would be Isabel Sims, Quinn’s cousin Delia’s best friend. She has that same kind of dreamy spaciness with a backbone that he loves in Calhoun.
  10. He would have a 4.0, but he misses too much class. Audie is fundamentally lazy about school and really only does what he has to or what interests him.
  11. His teddy bear’s name is Buster.
  12. He really, really loves to sing in the car, even though he can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Occasionally, he takes the long way home just so he can sing longer. His favorite song to sing is not a Bowie song, but Beck’s “Debra.”
  13. If he were ever to get a tattoo, he knows what it would be: a line from James Dickey’s poem “Falling.” But Audie will tell you that he is not the type of person to get a tattoo.
  14. Every year, he waits for the first peaches of the season and buys a dozen of them. He says they always taste the best.
  15. Audie is obsessed with comic books. His favorites are Spawn, Hellboy, BPRD, and Neil Gaimann’s Sandman.
  16. He has dressed as Sandman for Halloween. His dorm is weird enough that people actually got the reference and thought it was cool.
  17. His favorite candy is Starlight mints, and he used to drive his mother crazy eating all the candy canes off the Christmas tree.
  18. He does not like to ride horses, despite growing up around them and extensive riding lessons as a child.
  19. His other celebrity crush — no surprise — David Bowie. He introduced Easter Bennett to him, and made her a total Bowie freak.
  20. He’s easy choked up by good rhetoric, and cannot hear the line “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice …” without crying.

Meet the Author


Julia is giving away a $20 Amazon gift certificate with this tour, as well as eBook copies of It’s Enough, Like Sunshine, and Slow Dance. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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