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🌟 Please join me in welcoming author Louisa Masters to Stories That Make You Smile! Louisa is her today celebrating the release of her new contemporary M/M romance, I’ve Got This. She’s kindly brought along an excerpt, a generous giveaway, and her character, Derek Bryer, so he could answer a few questions for us! 🌟

I’ve Got This by Louisa Masters

Falling in love while distracted by a murder at the park, food poisoning, and colleagues laying bets on their relationship won’t be easy, but between the two of them and with the magic of Joy Universe, they’ve got this.

Series: Joy Universe (book #1)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Release Date: September 24, 2019
Length: Novel, 72k words / 200 pages
Pairing / Genre(s) / Keyword(s): M/M Contemporary Romance, enemies to lovers, theme park romance, dancer, businessman, gay

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Derek Bryer loves his life. His job as an assistant director at Joy Universe, the second-largest theme park complex on the planet, makes him indirectly responsible for bringing joy (pun intended) to millions of people. So what if none of his relationships are that close? Everyone he meets loves him.

Except Trav Jones. For some reason, the visiting Broadway performer would rather Derek just go away. He appreciates Derek’s work ethic, though, and after Trav steps up when Derek desperately needs someone to fill in for his sick staff, Derek seizes the chance to convince Trav he’s not such a bad guy.

Falling in love while distracted by a murder at the park, food poisoning, and colleagues laying bets on their relationship won’t be easy, but between the two of them and with the magic of Joy Universe, they’ve got this.


He grins at me. “Can I use your number for more than just confirming dates?”

Heat climbs up my neck and floods my face, and I know I must be red. Christ, I’ve always blushed easily, but I spend more time red-faced around this guy than anyone else I can remember. “Maybe.” I meant it to sound flirtatious, but it comes out sounding more like a parent who means no, but doesn’t want to say it for fear of incurring a tantrum.

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m no Casanova, but I’m not a reclusive virgin, either. I usually have a pretty good dating life. I know how to flirt.

I pull out my phone. “What’s your number? I’ll text you.”

He rattles off the digits. I put them in my phone and then send him a text. The faint ding from his pocket tells me he got it.

The rest of the ride back to my resort is silent, and I’m pretty sure it’s my fault. Our conversation over dinner was so easy and fun—but my stupid failed attempt to be flirty seems to have killed the vibe. Is he regretting the whole thing? Wondering how he can get out of our date on Thursday?

He turns off the road onto the driveway of the resort, but instead of pulling up to the entrance, he takes the road that loops around the property to the four parking lots and the three other shuttle stops.

“Where—” I begin, but he interrupts me.

“Which is the closest parking lot to your room?”

Oh. He’s being thoughtful and saving me the seven-minute (no, I didn’t time it—the receptionist told me when I checked in) walk from the main building to the building that houses my room.

“The west one,” I tell him, and then we both fall silent again as he skilfully navigates along the deserted, mostly dark road. I rack my brain for something to say. How did this happen? Twenty minutes ago I was one half of an interesting, fun conversation. How did we go from that to awkward silence?

It has to be the idea of dating that’s turned us into mere acquaintances with little in common. Right? Until he confirmed that we were on a date, and I asked him on another one, everything was fine. After that, it all went downhill.

Wait… he knew all along that we were on a date. I was the one who wasn’t sure what he thought it was. Does that mean this is all me? Am I the reason for the awkwardness?

I’m saved from further introspection (although I suspect it’s going to keep me up most of the night) when Derek pulls into the west parking lot and finds a spot at the far end. The lot is pretty well-lit, but back in this corner there are more shadows.

I undo my seat belt. I’m almost desperate to get out of the car and away from this tension, but at the same time, I’m terrified that if I leave it like this, I’m going to get a text from Derek, canceling our date. What can I say to make it all better?

Derek’s hand on my face makes me jump.

“Whoa! Sorry, I didn’t mean….” He starts to pull away, but I grab his hand and hold it against my cheek. I like having him touch me.

Is this weird? Maybe he was just trying to get my attention and didn’t actually want to hold my face.

I drop my hand to my lap, giving him the opportunity to pull back. My face is hot, and I’m thankful for the dim light. He can probably still see that I’m blushing, but not exactly how red I am.

His fingers lightly stroke my cheek.

My breath stutters. I slowly turn to him. His face is closer than I expected, and there’s a soft smile on his lips. Even in the dimness of the car, I can see how warm the expression in his eyes is.

I swallow. His smile grows.

“I love when you blush,” he says. “It’s so—”

“Sweet?” I interrupt acidly. He shakes his head.

“Hot.” The word sits between us. Hot? Does he mean literally? Because, yeah, my skin gets hot when I—

Derek leans in and kisses me, and I get it. Hot. Derek thinks it’s hot when I blush. Really?

Also, man can he kiss.

I gotta be honest, the next few minutes kind of blur out. I’m too focused on Derek’s mouth on mine, his hands, his body—because my hands get busy too. The only words I can actually think are adjectives: warm, hard, wet, silky….

I’ve got my hands in his pants (and can I just say wow?) when it finally occurs to me that as cushy as Derek’s car is, it’s not roomy enough for us to fuck—well, not comfortably. I jerk back from his kiss. “Not here,” I pant. Crap, Kev’s likely to be back at our room by now. He was saying earlier that he was exhausted, not having had a day off, and wanted an early night. “Your place?” He’s gotta live in Joyville, right? That’s what, half an hour away?

Maybe we can get a room. We’re at a resort. I’m sure he gets an employee discount here too.

Derek sighs and pulls back, stroking my chest under my polo one last time before drawing his hand out. I miss it instantly.

☆ Character Interview ☆

Interview with Derek Bryer

Louisa: Hey, everybody! Thanks for coming on tour with us. Today we’re talking to Mr. Charismatic himself, Derek Bryer. Say hi, Derek.

Derek: Hi, all! It’s great to be here. Although, Louisa, *smiles charmingly* I don’t know that I’d call myself Mr. Charismatic.

Louisa: That’s okay, you don’t have to. The rest of us will just acknowledge the truth of it. So, I think you go on record for having the worst Monday morning at work ever: a grisly murder and over a hundred staff out with food poisoning.

Derek: *groans* That day will be burned into my memory forevermore. I mean, it all turned out okay and I met Trav that day, but still…. What kind of weird coincidence is it that a hundred and fifty of my people decided to drive two hours to a sushi festival on the night they had a salmonella outbreak? I mean, come on. That shit only happens in movies.

Louisa: But it led you to Trav.

Derek: Yeah. *goofy smile* Although that first meeting was not good.

Louisa: Or the second meeting.

Derek: *shrugs* Or the second meeting. Eventually we got it together. We’re really happy now.

Louisa: Yeah, I can see that. Tell me about your job—what exactly do you do?

Derek: I’m an assistant director at Joy Universe.

Louisa: That’s the entertainment complex in Georgia?

Derek: Yes. It’s the second-largest complex in the world, with four theme parks, more than twenty hotels, and an entertainment/dining/shopping district that’s bigger than some small towns.

Louisa: And you look after some of that?

Derek: *nods* My district has a theme park and five hotels. Not to be immodest, but mine is the most profitable district.

Louisa: No, that’s not immodest at all. *arches brow*

Derek: *smiles sheepishly*

Louisa: Let’s move on. People are really more interested in your relationship, anyway. How’s Trav?

Derek: Amazing. I can’t believe how lucky I am. We’ve just finished moving his stuff down from New York.

Louisa: Did you ever think you’d fall in love with a performer?

Derek: To be honest, I never really stopped to think about it. I’ve never dated one before, but it’s not like I really considered it one way or the other. It makes sense, though—I’ve always liked theatre, get to shows whenever I can. And in the end, being a performer is just one facet of what makes Trav who he is.

Louisa: That’s so sweet! Okay, just one more question. If you had to pick a moment from the book as your favorite, which would it be?

Derek: Tough question. It was kind of a rough weekend for me, but when Trav and I had that fight. Because it was awful, but after that I knew there was nothing that could pull us apart.

Louisa: Aww. I originally intended to make that weekend even rougher on you.

Derek: What.

Louisa: So, thanks for the chat, Derek. I’ll let you know if I have any more questions.

Derek: What do you mean, rougher?

Louisa: Bye!

Meet the Author

Louisa Masters started reading romance much earlier than her mother thought she should. While other teenagers were sneaking out of the house, Louisa was sneaking romance novels in and working out how to read them without being discovered. She’s spent most of her life feeling sorry for people who don’t read, convinced that books are the solution to every problem. As an adult, she feeds her addiction in every spare second, only occasionally tearing herself away to do things like answer the phone and pay bills. She spent years trying to build a “sensible” career, working in bookstores, recruitment, resource management, administration, and as a travel agent, before finally conceding defeat and devoting herself to the world of romance novels.

Louisa has a long list of places first discovered in books that she wants to visit, and every so often she overcomes her loathing of jet lag and takes a trip that charges her imagination. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she whines about the weather for most of the year while secretly admitting she’ll probably never move.

Website | Facebook Profile | Facebook Page | Twitter (@authorLouisaM) | Instagram (@authorLouisaM) | Goodreads | QueeRomance Ink | Amazon

Also by Louisa Masters


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  1. Oh, wow! That was interesting.

    “…being a performer is just one facet of what makes Trav who he is.”

    Sweet. Very sweet Derek. 💗

    I love how Trav seems to blush a lot. 😄

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