RAINBOW SNIPPETS – 2019-Dec-7 – When Are You?

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This week I’m snipping from my current WiP, When Are You?

It’s a time travel story, and this is the opening scene. The story is unedited, so please squint as needed.

From Leo’s 3rd-person POV:

When Are You? - 2019-Nov. 9

Prologue: Newlyweds

Vincent Allen Bailey.” A wince supplemented Leo’s grumble. Damn, but Vinnie’s elbow was sharp, and he totally deserved the full name treatment for digging that pointy bone into Leo’s ribs. Even so, Leo grinned as he rubbed the sore spot.

Vinnie snorted. “You’re worse than me.”

Leo snickered and didn’t bother to pretend he didn’t know what Vinnie was talking about, let alone deny it. Bailey. It had been Leo’s surname since birth, but Vinnie had only acquired it a week earlier.

When Are You? - 2019-Nov. 16

After Vinnie’d made the decision to change his name when he and Leo married, he’d gone around testing out the sound of the name. Vinnie Bailey. Vincent Bailey. Vincent Allen Bailey. Leo’d heard it softly sing-songed so many times over the past month—and written with a flourish on scraps of paper he’d found throughout their old home where Leo had last been stationed in North Carolina.

“Anyway,” Vinnie hissed as they stepped out of the dentist’s office and inconspicuously hitched his head toward the other side of the street. “There he is again.”

When Are You? - 2019-Nov. 23

Leo had already noticed the object of Vinnie’s concern. Creeper guy, the man Vinnie was convinced was following them. Leo had paid close attention to the guy ever since Vinnie’d first commented on him. “He’s not stalking us.”

“He’s totally stalking us.” Vinnie’s mouth tightened into a thin line. “Bet he’s a homophobe. Seriously, we need to be careful and watch out for this guy.”

When Are You? - 2019-Nov. 30

Leo chanced another glimpse in his peripheral vision. The man didn’t pop up in their vicinity any more than others did since they’d relocated to this small town in Oregon. Creeper guy sometimes reacted a bit disconcertingly around them, but it didn’t seem like they were under surveillance. “He doesn’t give off a bigot vibe.”

“Closet case looking for a threesome vibe?” Vinnie’s shiver added a touch of dramatic flair making his opinion on that matter abundantly obvious in case the tone of his voice hadn’t cleared that up.

When Are You? - 2019-Dec. 7

“No.” Leo snorted. “I don’t get any kind of sinister feel from him. I think maybe he’s curious about us because we’re new to town, and yeah, maybe because we’re a gay couple. But, he’s not following us. He’s awkward and anything-but-inconspicuous, so that makes us more likely to notice him.”

“Weirdo,” Vinnie muttered.

“Exactly.” Besides, Leo might be a teacher now—a product of the Troops to Teachers program—but he’d spent years deployed in the elite military unit, Delta Force. His training had been intense and wide-ranging, to put it mildly, and that was on top of the two black belts he’d earned prior to joining the military. He could handle creeper guy.

I don’t have a real blurb yet, but in the meantime…


There once was a family so gay,
who were going on their merry way,
when a portal appeared,
which they thought they had cleared,
but they lost their sweet boy that fine day.


Oscar’s such a dear.
Pity what happened to him.
When are you, sweet child?


I guess you could tack on…

“Will our loving heroes find a way to rescue their sweet boy, or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life with the earliest of the USA’s primitive settlers? Or is there a third alternative?”

…to the end of my *cough* top-notch poetry for a general idea of what the story’s about.


18 thoughts on “RAINBOW SNIPPETS – 2019-Dec-7 – When Are You?

    1. Hahaha…that would evoke quite a different reaction than what Leo and Vinnie might be expecting at this point. 😁

  1. Hmm. I’d be all reassured by Leo’s qualifications, except that I have a feeling you’re about to throw something at them that he *can’t* handle! 😉

    1. 😆 Hahaha…I think you might be right. At least it won’t help prevent the “situation” from occuring, but perhaps it’ll help them down the road?

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